Tuesday, February 13, 2018

6 Years and Healthy!

Charley Kate just turned 6. And while she is one of the most amazing little kids I know, I am not blogging anymore to do her justice. So trust me- she is hard working and smart and athletic and funny and nurturing and kind! She is beautiful and pint sized and strong.

And her stats are

Height: 44.5 in (37%)
Weight: 40.2 lbs (23%)
BMI: 14.27 (22%)
BP: 101/63
Pulse: 100

And I apparently don’t have Jay’s 6 year stats anywhere to compare. So here those are too..

Jay at 6

Height: 49.5 in (98%)
Weight: 59.8 lbs (95%)
BMI: 17 (87%)
BP: 109/74
Pulse: 84

Thankful for healthy kids!

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