Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Swim Team 2017!

This year we had TWO Squillante swimmers on swim team! Jay AND Charley Kate!

We knew Jay was going to have a fun season because he is so natural in the water and at the top of his age group. I wasn't sure about Charley Kate and didn't know that she could swim a full length without stopping or under the required 55 second time limit. But at her first time trial when she went 37 seconds, I knew we were going to have a LOT of fun watching her too!

And the best part, they are in the same age group this year and got to swim at the same practice time- hallelujah! So each day for the month of May and most of June we trekked it up to the pool for swim team. Normally this would be a fun time for Molly to swim in the baby pool and me to chat with the other moms- but not with Kelsey in tow! She was wild and all over the place! She'd walk up to the swimmers or the side of the pool over and over over. It was a whipping, I won't lie. My saving grace is knowing this is my only year I have to do this! Next year she will be almost two and much better at listening! Ha!

Anyway, Jay improved over the course of the season and ended up making it to Meet of Champs! He finished FIRST in all three of his events at Meet of Champs (the district wide swim meet where only the top 3 swimmers from each pool make it and compete in prelims and then again the top 8 compete in the finals!)!! He was amazing and we are so so proud of his efforts! He went a 19.55 in freestyle, a 23.20 in backstroke (which was only .19 seconds off the record- how fun would that have been?!), and his free relay finished 1:28- which was crazy fast!

Charley Kate is the one who improved tremendously! She went from a nervous, anxious girl who cried through the first month and a half of practice (seriously... she'd cry every. single. day... but then say how much fun she had and couldn't wait until the next practice), to a confident little fish! She started the season out going 37 sec in freestyle and ended going 28.72! She ended the season going 38.10 in backstroke! Huge improvements! She is so excited to be at the top of her age group next year and dominate! She was also one of TWO little 5 year olds who swam in this age group. The rest of the girls were 6 and some were even 7! Go CK!

We super loved swim team and are so thankful for all the people and coaches who devote so much time to this. It's a fun time and you get to know so many new people at the pool! Can't wait to do it again next year!

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marco cinti said...

Beautiful! God bless you and your family!