Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Baby is ONE!

It is so hard for me to believe our last baby is ONE!

Never again will we have a baby in the house! No more counting by months when people ask how old they are. No more infant anything. Almost all the baby toys and gear are gone. I have packed up my pump. This is just crazy and weird and exciting all at the same time.

It's no surprise to anyone who has read this for any amount of time that I am not a baby person, nor am I a fan of the baby stage. I wondered when my last baby turned one how I would really feel. Would there be some sadness or longing that I wasn't aware of? And honestly, there isn't. There is so much excitement because a toddler is SO fun! There is so much opening up in our little world with a non-infant that I can't even hide the excitement! I feel like we are finally out of the fog of a new baby and into our life as a FAMILY. And I'm so ready for that!

Kelsey is an amazing little girl. Quiet and watchful, yet funny and loves to perform at the same time. She is silly and feisty. She knows what she wants to do and can be a quiet little sneaky girl to make it happen!

At ONE YEAR, Kelsey is...
-Walking and running and climbing all over. She is SO incredibly physical. She can get herself downstairs and off high things. She can climb up and then go down slides. She is so coordinated!
-almost out of size 12 month clothes for good- this tall girl is almost exclusively in 18 month clothes! And she is wearing size 4 diapers still but I think those are starting to get a little snug!
-Only nursing once every few days at night... We are just about finished there. She loves her milk bottles and bottles of coconut water.
-Sleeping amazingly well. Goes down after a bottle/nursing and rocking and snuggles as I lay her in her crib (around 8ish) and sleeps until 7/8 each morning! I love her for this!
-Napping once a day, usually around 12/1230 and will go from 2-3 hours depending on the day.
-Starting to play with toys a little- and this is so cute. She will play people or animals for a little bit!
-Loving her family and still goes to babysitters/unknown people really really well.
-Really good at giving side eye when she isn't sure of what is going on. It's amazing
-Talking so much more than before. I attribute this to finally being able to hear! Yikes. Saying mama/dada/tex/ella/bang/jay/charchar/moll-moll/bubby(Gebby)/pawpaw so far (I'm sure I'm missing some, but those are her most common). She still hasn't said DaDa which is nuts to me because that's usually the first sound most babies make!
-Loves animals and wants to pet every dog and cat she sees!
-On the GO GO GO all the time. It is seriously exhausting chasing after her all day long.
-Really good at letting you know when she is not having something. Arches that back and hollers!
-A little bit of a hitter. She will get mad at one of us and hit us. We will correct and she will sometimes do it again. Then I will grab her wrist and very firmly say NO and she will hug my neck and kiss me. Ridiculous. She's a little manipulative methinks...
-A little defiant. See above example. She also has been our longest to train not to flip over the dog's water or touch the wine bottles or press the cable box. She will still test her limits on all of those. Stinker.
-The owner of 6 teeth still and working on one more for now on the bottom!
-HEALED as far as ears go! She spent April through the end of May with nonstop ear infections and fluid in her ears. She was a million antibiotics and was just miserable as all get out for two months. We spent so much time at doctors appointments. We had tubes surgery the day before her birthday and she is like a brand new children! Bless her heart! She is so happy and talking so much more! I am thrilled that she is feeling better!

We have seriously loved having her as the baby of the family. She really has a sweet little special relationship with each one of her siblings. We think the world of her and love watching her grow. Now we are excited to start on our family adventures as she gets older. I have a feeling we will be making some fun memories down the road!

Happy birthday, Kelsey! We love you!

One Year Stats:
Height: 30.75 in (94%)
Weight: 20 lbs, 13.2 oz (67%)
Head: 17.25 (22%)- this was a bad measure, I watched the girl and it was done very poorly!

Height: 32 in (>99%)
Weight: 22 lbs, 15 oz (75%)
Head: 18 in (39%)

Charley Kate
Height: 30 in (80%)
Weight: 19 lbs 9 oz (47%)
Head: 17.75 in (54%)

Height: 30.5 in (89%)
Weight: 20 lbs, 4 oz (57%)
Head: 17.75 in (54%)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Day/Last Day 2016-2017

I have no clue how this entire school year has already gone by. Seriously?! I think I was so sleep deprived and just trying to keep my head above water that somehow I blinked and and it's already summer again.

I feel like the thought of summer gives me slight PTSD considering last summer I gave birth to my fourth and and hardest baby, but I am so hopeful that this summer is going to be better than ever! (And I am PRAYING)

I think of how much the kids have grown in the last year and I truly can't wrap my mind around this! 

Jay has had an amazing kindergarten year. He has grown leaps and bounds not only from an educational standpoint, but from a life-lessons point of view as well. He has picked up things I wish he would never learn about (some yahoo in his class just showed him about the middle finger.. I mean, really?!), but he's also learned some very valuable things, too. I have loved watching his confidence grow, his friendships change and blossom, and his mind just take off! And it hasn't been an easy year... he has had THREE teachers! His teacher started the year pregnant, then they had one permanent sub, and then another. That much change in a kindergarten class is tough! But it didn't seem to phase him one bit! 

Charley Kate has blown me away! I watched her precious, nervous, tiny self walk into school on that first day. And the last day at her program, I watched her as she stood confidently singing and smiling and clapping and dancing. I cried big tears watching her that day. It made my momma heart burst to think of that transformation. Her teachers have been incredible and she has grown in every single way. Her academics have grown and her problem-solving skills are great to see. She has made some sweet new friends that she will get to continue with into elementary. Love seeing her so happy!

Molly! Sweet Molly started off the year screaming and crying every. single. day. They literally had to climb in my car and drag her out kicking and screaming. She was terrified to leave mom and her world was upside down from a new baby. But this girl has become so incredibly confident and happy. She would march in every day and just own that classroom. She made a TON of friends and became the teacher's pet. Not only that, but she begged to stay in extended day! Who thought this girl would ever ask to stay longer?! 

And sweet Kelsey. Well, she didn't go to school- ha! But she did change a TON over the course of the year! She went from a 2.5 month old to an almost 1 year old! Ack! She went from screaming and crying all the time to happy little wobbly-walking girl! I seriously sometimes can't believe we survived this year. She has been my little buddy- going everywhere with me all the time. But a little bit of freedom has come along and I feel like we are in such a great place! 

What a year 2016-2017 was! I'm not going to lie, it was harder than I thought it would be... but we all survived- and are thriving! 

Onto summer... I really am so excited to have all my people home again!