Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Molly is Three!

Good golly, Miss Molly is THREE!

I don't know how this happened. It's like it just snuck up on me! I still feel like she's my little almost two year old just toddling around with me wherever I go. But somehow, the days have gone by and she's this THREE year old little girl!

Molly makes our family so much more FUN. She has a smile and laugh and sense of humor that keeps us all going. She's silly and creative and somehow knows just how to make us laugh when we need it most. She gets away with so much more than the other kids would have... tired parents or too many kids or something. But things she says and the way she does it just seem so... funny!

Molly is morphing into this beautiful little girl. She is growing out of that toddler phase and into little-girl-hood. She's making friends of her own and starting to have her own interests. All of this is just blowing my mind because when I look at her I still see a baby.

Molly loves to play. She can play by herself or with a friend. She loves little figurines (Trolls, princesses, Barbies, Palace Pets... heck, I caught her playing family with puzzle pieces the other day! Ha!). But she has an amazing imagination and can make scenarios out of anything! I love listening to her play! She is so smart and so creative.

Molly is shy at first, but only a little. She really knows how to make you work for it- which is hilarious and frustrating all together. She is seriously so easy going. She just goes wherever we drag her and does whatever we tell her to do. She doesn't care about clothes or shoes or accessories... She just wears whatever I choose for her. It's so easy and so great!

She naps only a few times a week. She is a night owl and can hang late with the best of them! She eats so well- seriously eats pretty much anything! She loves any kind of drink and ALL desserts. That girl has a sweet tooth like her daddy!

She hates to pick up toys, has the loudest voice EVER, and is so darn stubborn. But even with all of those traits, she is still so incredibly endearing! I don't know how she does it, but she's got her dad and me just completely wrapped around her finger... even when she's refusing

I can't explain how much we absolutely love this little girl. She has always been such a fun, wonderful, easy girl. Her demeanor just draws you in.

Molly girl, we love you to the moon and back. You are such an incredible little girl. I can't wait to see where life takes you!

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's So Close!

Oh. My. Gosh.

The baby is almost a year old! Seriously, I am one month away from not having a "baby" ever again. This is mind blowing and exciting and sad all at the same time.

At the beginning of Kelsey's little life, I just never thought we'd get to 11 months. The needy baby stage seemed never ending! But now it's over and she's becoming more like a toddler and less like a baby.

At 11 months, Kelsey...
-Is wearing all size 12 month clothes and a lot of those are getting snug in the length! She is a tall girl!
-Wearing size 4 diapers
-Wearing size 4 shoes... and because she has been walking so much/so long I have put her in some harder sole shoes and she does great in them!
-Nursing about 4 times a day. About a week ago I realized, "Oh crap! I haven't started weaning Kelsey at all!" Ha! I want to go to a year, but not past that (or much past it anyway!) so I decided I better get on it. She has been taking bottles of whole milk in place of nursing sessions the past few days and has been fine! She likes whole milk (warm) and does well with it!
-Is sleeping from about 8:30-7:30. Some nights she goes down later and some mornings she sleeps later. I usually nurse her, kiss/snuggle her, lay her in her bed and she falls asleep. I almost always stay in there with her until she falls asleep. But recently, she seems to get mad and fuss if she sees me in there. So I have been sneaking out and she has had zero fussing and falls asleep very quickly. It's wonderful!
-She was doing amazing sleeping through the night for a while. But then she came into yet another ear infection and it set us back some. Grrr
-Taking one nap almost every day now. Goes down around 12/1230 (would prefer 1130!) and wakes up anywhere from 230-330
-Has had a LOT of ear infections. I don't know how many we are at now, but we will met with an ENT next week to determine next steps.. We have dealt with so many ear infections with this girl. Medicines are not working as well and we are having to get creative. (Sidenote, she does NOT do well on Cefdinir... worst medicine ever. Causes extreme fussiness and insomnia. Thankfully my doctor listens to me and trusts me... And we will never use that one again!)
-Is very good at the /b/ sound, but is finally starting to make more sounds. Ma-ma-ma-ma and da-da are two she knows. She legit tries to say Tex and Ella (not well, but you can hear it) and each of her siblings names (Mol-Mol, Tsa (Char), and Bir (JayBird)), Bebby (Gebby) and PaaaaaahPah (PawPaw). It's really stinking cute! More (signs it as well), bye-bye, ball, uh-oh (my fave!), eh-eh-eh (with a finger shake!)... She also makes a TON of animal sounds, dog, cat, rooster, elephant, tiger, sheep, horse, monkey, mouse... I'm sure there are more! I feel like she was our latest talker but she has caught on very quickly!
-Loves her blanket and pacifier and to snuggle in when she's upset. Also loves her bottle- either milk or coconut water!
-Eats pretty well! Still has definite preferences on what she likes/dislikes but definitely eats quite a bit!
-Her newest tricks are saying uh-oh and blowing kisses! Ahhhh so cute!
-Still just has the 6 teeth. I'm pretty sure she's working on some right now, but I can't tell if it's another on the bottom or if it's one of her canines on the bottom. Time will tell!
-Loves to climb. Anywhere and everywhere. She wanders and goes everywhere. She is SO hard to keep up with! Anytime we go anywhere I have to watch her like a hawk!
-Loves to dance! Will drop it like it's hot and ball up her hands into fists and just bounce. Hilarious!
-Is an observer. She watches and takes it all in and then acts. Interesting to see
-Still hasn't shown much separation anxiety. She will go to a lot of people and "talk" with them. She loves going to the church nursery!
-Has started having a total attitude and throwing little fit when she doesn't get her way. Ahhhhh it's just beginning...
-Is our toughest kid yet. She falls and gets hurt all the time and rarely fusses about it. It's amazing!
-NEVER. STOPS. EVER. No kidding. I'm exhausted. Ha!

Kelsey has become even more of a dear. We just love her to pieces and seriously cannot believe she is almost ONE! Where did the time go!?