Monday, April 17, 2017

Take Me Out to the Ballgame(s)

We've got two kids in real sports this year! Not just the weekend church league where they only practice before the game. Nope, real league, real umps/scores/standings, and real practices. And I'm not going to lie, as crazy as it's been, I AM LOVING IT!

Jay is in his second year of rookie ball. It's Pre-K/Kinder boys and he is having a blast being the older kid this year. Last year the pre-k kids definitely had to work hard to get hits and outs and earn their spots. Now that Jay is physically and mentally "bigger" than last year, it comes so much easier for him! He has loved playing pitcher and first base all season and has become the heavy hitter of the team! 

Jay actually got his first GRAND SLAM ever this season! It was an in the park homerun and he crushed it! It was such an exciting time! And because of that he got the game ball! Woohoo! 

Anthony and Justin (my best friend Courtney's husband!) are coaching together so that means our boys (who are best friends also!) get to be on the same team! Our elementary has FIVE teams and there is a draft, so we are thankful to have all three of us get to be with our best friends through it all! 

One of my favorite things this season has been watching Jay morph into the big kid role. Jay talks about how when he is at school and walking through the halls the pre-k boys see him and wave and call his name (and he doesn't tell me this in a braggy way, just a matter of fact way!). I love that he gets to be the big boy this year because this is exactly what he did last year as the younger on the team. He adored those big boys!! 

One of the younger boys on the team came over to show Jay what candy he got. 

We are loving this group of boys. Though we haven't won them all, the boys are learning the game and improving every single week! It's a sweet group of kids and parents and we are so thankful to be a part of the Colt .45s!

Charley Kate is playing her first year in this league for softball. It's actually prek/kinder/1st grade girls- which is a HUGE range of ages! She and her best friend, Avery, both just turned five. They are the youngest on the team and some of the few pre-k girls in the whole league. 

But don't let that fool you. Charley Kate is FIERCE on the field. She knows just what to do when she's out there. She is aggressive and can run the other players down at each base to get outs! She is a consistent hitter and though she is the teeniest on the team (or the whole league) by a lot, she makes use of what she can do. In fact, this past weekend she hit a TRIPLE! 

With the only two other pre-k girls! Sweet friends! 

We landed on a GREAT team of girls from our neighborhood and CK's future elementary school. The coach's name is Tim and he has four daughters (sound familiar? That's my dad's name and his story!). He is an EXCELLENT girl coach and really knows how to make the girls feel good and have a blast while learning the game. CK is LOVING softball! She has earned her spot in the infield. She typically plays short stop but has been at rover (2nd pitcher) and pitcher a few times and absolutely loves those spots! Each week instead of a game ball Coach Tim gives the girls patches for their uniform. I love this idea! 

We are so thankful to be a Bomber this year! What a wonderful first experience for Charley Kate! We couldn't have asked for a better fit! 

One of the best things about this season is that even though the kids often have games at the same time or right after each other, they are at the same stinking field so momma gets to see them all!!! It will only happen like this for this one season, so I am going to appreciate it and take it while I can!

How are the little girls holding up? Well, they are such troopers! We pack up half our house and head to the fields for games. We have snacks and toys and the girls just go with the flow. They play in the dirt and sand and get too much sugar, but for the most part we have gotten it down to a pretty good system. We have two Saturdays where Jay has an 830 game and CK has a double header following. We just had our first Saturday like that this weekend and it was brutal! But the girls did great and Kelsey napped on me for a bit there. 

She is playing in the dirt, not throwing a tantrum. 
She LOOOOVES the dirt! 

Whoever put this sand pit here deserves a medal. 
Best idea ever! 

Yup. Just how we roll. 

I love that Kelsey was in the middle of playing with all the boys. 
No worries at all! 

Standing in the teeny spot of shade bouncing this baby to sleep. 
Thanks to my sweet friend for taking this!

And my all time favorite picture from any sporting season to date... 

He was on deck getting warmed up and swinging and she toddled over to him and was yelling and trying to get his attention. He stopped and came over to her and held her hand through the fence. It was so sweet. 

I love baseball/softball in the spring. And am SO happy my kids are having SUCH a blast! What a fun time it has been! 

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