Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Break 2k17

We had SO much fun for Spring Break this year!

I finally felt back to my old Courtney-self and ready for an adventure! I loaded up the kids on a Sunday afternoon and drove to Dripping Springs (by myself!)! We made one pit stop in the middle of the trip there (and survived!). But all the kids did a great job in the car.

We got to my sister's house in DS and the kids were SOOO excited to see their cousins! It was a beautiful night and the kids all had a blast playing together!

The next morning we headed to the Austin Zoo- which is awesome and tiny. The weather stunk but the kids had fun. Then we went to another park and went Pokemon hunting! Jay was in heaven. My other sister and her kids arrived and the kids swam in the (semi) heated pool and played in their huge backyard.

Tuesday we went on a hike. It wasn't too bad (I had Kelsey in a backpack!) and was so worth the beautiful waterfall we got to see! The kids had a ball together. We headed back and took naps and then everyone swam and played outside some more. We launched water balloons and went hunting for crawfish in the creek. We grilled out and hung out and stayed up way too late chatting! It was just what we all needed!

We headed back Wednesday morning. The trip home was going perfectly! Every single one of the kids fell asleep at some point on the way home. We were starting to get low on gas (like 30-40 miles left) and were about 45 minutes from home. Everyone eventually woke up and I had planned on stopping when everyone woke to get gas and lunch. I pull into the gas station and grab my wallet and realize it's not there! I called my sisters in DS (my Houston sister was still there- they decided to leave a couple hours after us) to see if my wallet was there. It was left behind- along with my whole diaper bag! Ugh! It would take my sister from Houston about 2+ hours to get to me and I didn't want to attempt to make it to Houston and potentially break down on I10! But not only that, my kids (and I!) were hungry!

So I called my mom who didn't answer. I called my little sister who was in Houston visiting. She answered and I explained my issue. Without a hesitation at all, she jumped in the car with her baby and drove to meet us! While we were waiting for her, my older sisters saw there was a Whataburger app that you could load money from your credit card into your app and pay that way! Score! We headed to Whataburger across the street while we waited for my sis. My little sister got there and filled up my tank for me (and I immediately Venmo'd her- how great is technology!?). Seriously, what would I do without my sisters?! I LOOOOVE them so much!

Soooo that was the first half of the week. Eventful enough, right?!

Once we got home we headed to the rodeo the next day! It's a Houston favorite and it didn't disappoint this year! It was so much fun- and we all loved having more cousin time!

On the tram on the way over!

This little one loved the carnival part! 

Josh won me this poop emoji. I was so excited! 

One of the highlights from the rodeo this year was CK getting to do Mutton Bustin' (aka riding on the back of a sheep as it runs down the arena!)! Oh my gosh, she has been talking about this for a year since Jay did it! You have to be 5-6 years old and between 35-55 lbs. If you remember last year Jay was just over the weight cutoff but they let him do it anyway- which turned out to be a bust because that poor sheep couldn't carry him! Ha! So this year I knew CK was good to go... except even in all that gear she only weighed 35.4 lbs! Sheesh!

Anyway, she made the cut and got in. She was a little nervous right before (that's kind of her thing these days), but luckily Jay's best bud Wyatt had signed up to do it too! She had a blast!

The rest of the week was spent hanging out with cousins, welcoming my cousin and his girlfriend from Wisconsin, heading to the ranch, and going to church!

Kelsey is OBSESSED with trying "play with" Sadie!

These two crazies celebrating St Patty's Day!

Love this! Fishing in pearls! :)

The bluebonnets were INCREDIBLE this year!!! 

Kelsey's first bluebonnets!

Our family at church! 

This was a fun and crazy and nonstop spring break! It felt like we were back to our "norm" of being on the go! I loved every second of it! Even if we were all completely exhausted afterward...  Ha!

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