Monday, April 10, 2017

Kelsey is 10 Months!

Sheesh... I swear I write a blog post about her being 9 months and then I blink and it's already time for the 10 month post. Where oh where is time going?!

Kelsey continues to be amazing! I love her to pieces! She is seriously so much fun and is so very loved by her siblings and parents.

So at 10 months...
-She is fully walking all the time everywhere. And started to run- AWAY from us! Ha!
-She loves to climb- on everything. The stairs? Yup. The fireplace? Yes. A teeny tiny stool? Of course.
-Wearing all 12 month clothes, size 4 diapers
-Nursing about 5 times a day, eating lots of solids! She has distinct tastes and things she likes and dislikes. I didn't remember kids getting "picky" already, but she definitely has certain things she will NOT eat!
-She almost always takes two naps a day, but occasionally takes one long one right after lunch. This is dependent on when she wakes up in the morning and what activities we have going on. She is such a trooper!
-She goes down around 8/830 each night and is up around 8 each morning. She generally does not wake up ever during the night. The past few nights she's woken a few times only because her bottom two teeth have FINALLY popped through!
-So great to put to bed. I nurse her and snuggle her for a sec and then lay her in her crib. I stay in there with her while she fidgets herself to sleep.
-Loves exploring and getting into trouble. She reminds me so much of Charley Kate in that way!
- She loves to play pat-a-cake and peekaboo. She isn't saying much yet (I think might be our latest talker?). She can say ma-ma-ma and looooves the sound BA. She definitely also likes to say "Bang" (it comes out bain) and make Tex or my parents dog do the bang trick (where they lay down and play dead). It's hilarious!
-She's got a great sense of humor! She loves the typical games (peekaboo or tickling) but the siblings get the absolute biggest laughs of anyone! They each have something they do that she just gives the biggest reaction!
-She loves babies. And balls. She fits in perfectly in this family!
-Loves going to the church nursery and to Bible class. Hasn't shown any separation anxiety at all yet, but I am sure it's coming verrrry soon!
-She is so snuggly. Hugs and kisses and snuggles galore! She can just sit on my hip and do anything!
-She is an observer. She loves to sit and watch and take in the surroundings. She is quiet and thoughtful. She really does remind me so much of my little sister!
-She loves playing in the dirt/sand. She looooves that feeling. She actually loves the grass too and splashing in the water. She doesn't mind all that crazy tactile stuff.
-She is just starting to get mad when told no and will run off if we say no. Little stinker!

Kelsey is seriously the most fun, busiest little girl I know! The fact that she is so busy and knows so much at just 10 months is so crazy to me. But I wouldn't have it any other way! I can't wait to continue to watch her grow and morph into the little girl and then woman she will become. What a special baby she is!

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