Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kelsey is 9 Months!

Good grief- when I think that 9 months is so close to a year my heart starts racing! How did we get here?!

Kelsey actually turned 9 months old a few weeks back... and I've had this post half written. But between sheer exhaustion and one million other things going on, this is the closest I could get it done!

At 9 months Kelsey is...
-Walking! Not all over and not consistently, but she will take up to about 15 steps at once! I used to think other people who said their babies walked at 9 months were lying (kind of kidding), but now that I have her, I get it!
-In size 4 diapers, 12 month clothes
-Sleeping better than ever! She's actually gone a couple nights with ZERO wake-ups to eat! Most of the time she will go 10-11 hours and wake for an early feeding (530/6ish) and then go back to sleep until 8. She's pretty consistently an 830-8ish sleeper.
-Napping is ok. I think she's wanting to go down to one nap. We tried that for a week or so and she did ok- some days she'd take a 3 hour nap and sometimes it was just 1.5 hrs. Sometimes she'd wake and I'd have to get her back to sleep and sometimes she would nap solid. Now, we are kind of going with an hour and a half morning nap and an hour or so late afternoon nap. I don't really know. We are trying to figure this one out!
-Eating all solids. Well, at least the ones she likes. She LOVES beans and pasta and strawberries and oranges. She is ok with some things. And she straight up refuses somethings which is hilarious to me!
-Has become pretty easy going. She just goes with the flow and is generally so so happy. I can't even believe I am typing this sentence knowing how tough she was at the beginning. She seems to be one of our sweetest, easiest babies now. I love her.
-nursing every 3-4 hours. She usually stretches closer to four hours. She definitely needs a solid snack between nursing sessions- yogurt, eggs, etc
-Has the cutest little demeanor. Laughs and giggles and "plays" with you. Is interested in everything. Babbles a little, but not too much- definitely takes it all in
-LOVES babies and balls. Her two favorite toys! She loves hanging onto babies and dribbling basketballs. My kind of gal!
-Getting into everything stage! Loves to dump the water bowl, play in the toilet (and put things in there), and has even gotten into the cat box (YUCK!). I have to watch her all the time for sure!
-Gets dropped off or goes to other people easily. This is a change for me and I am going to ride this train while I can!!!
-Loving bath time and all things water. This summer with the pool should be interesting!
-Has four top teeth- but nothing on the bottom! So weird!

Kelsey has seriously become the most wonderful baby. Our entire family adores her! She has been the perfect final puzzle piece to this crazy family. We love you sweet Kelsey!

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