Sunday, March 5, 2017

Birthday Celebrations for CK

I've had this written for two weeks have forgotten to publish so many times! Oops!

This little love deserves a big birthday celebration! She is always thinking of others and it was time for everyone to focus on her! 

We started her morning with pancakes (her request!), school drop off, and birthday circle at school accompanied with donut holes for everyone for snack! 

Breakfast of champs!

She and one of the boys in her class share a birthday! It's fun to have a buddy up there!

The birthday (girls!) crew! 

Then, for our second annual tradition... lunch at the American Girl store! She LOVED it last year, and this year was no different! She got a new doll to bring and graciously "gave" Molly one of her older ones. My mom came with us and we shopped, ate, and giggled like crazy! This year Molly came along- she was finally old enough. She had a BLAST! Love seeing the joy of kids- there is just nothing like it! 

The rest of the day was spent playing, opening a few presents, running around with some of her besties outside, and heading to dinner at Ninfas (her choice!). Anthony and my mom met us at dinner and all that little girl wanted was beans and rice from Ninfas for dinner and for them to sing happy birthday to her in the restaurant! Her wishes were granted and she had the BEST time!

She gives the BEST reactions opening presents!!

We got home and had more cupcakes at home (at least this child is ok to consume 1 jillion calories!) and opened her family presents. Her big gift from us was a hit- her swimmable mermaid tail!!! 

I love them singing to her! 

One of my favorite pictures- so much genuine happiness! 

It was a great birthday for our precious girl. I have no doubt she felt as special as she really is!!

And then the party day came... 

Trying to come up with the "perfect" party is tough. Then, it hits you that your kid loves something, so you just do what they love. It's not fancy, it's not pinteresty- but it's what makes them happy... so that's the route we went!

Gymnastics birthday party it is! 

We had it at this great gym near us (the same one I had birthday parties at and the same one she had her party at 3 years ago!). It was perfect and they always do a great job. This year it was all girls (plus Jay!). She has some amazing little girlfriends- and some that she's been around since birth and some that she's only known for a few months. I love the span of these friendships!

That time you order a RAPUNZEL cake only to get this...
Ummm, ok?

This girl had the best time over her birthday (week!). We were so happy to celebrate her. And she CRASHED from all the fun!

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