Thursday, February 9, 2017

8 Months for the Last Time!

Wow... 8 months! We have made it!

My mom and I always said the 8 month milestone is by far one of our most favorite stages. They have gotten out of that newborn stage and morphed into the CUTE baby stage! They are developing a personality and it's so fun to watch their little minds work... And Kelsey fits that perfectly!

Gosh, she is such an awesome baby! When I think back to our first 6 months and compare her to where she is now... it feels like a lifetime ago. It doesn't even feel like the same baby! She is SUCH a doll and we are all having the best time with her!

At 8 months...
-She is moving EVERYWHERE all the time! She's fast and gets from room to room to up the stairs to into the dog bowl... Nothing is safe!
-She's cruising on furniture and standing by herself for a while. She gets herself up from a squat into standing and back down again. She's even taken one step (gasp!) several times over the past week or so!
-She loves to climb and explore... to say she's physical is an understatement!
-She is curious and smart. She's definitely a watcher at first. She takes it all in and you can see her wheels turning... then she makes her move!
-She's just starting to say some words.... "Buh buh" (bye bye) was her first... She has said "mamamama" over and over... she just this week started trying to say kitty "itty" and makes a big O with her mouth to say meow and also says "Te" for Tex. I am amazed at how her little words are just blowing up!
-Waves bye and hi and claps her hands
-Nurses about 7 times a day (including once in the middle of the night)
-Eats so so much! She loves to eat pretty much anything. But unlike Molly (who actually ate everything!), she definitely has particular preferences and will just refuse or spit out whatever she doesn't like. Won't eat any baby food!
-Her perfect sleep time would be about 745-730 with one night time wake up/feeding. Unfortunately for her, she is a fourth kid and she doesn't always get put down when she needs to be. So typical is 815/830 until about 745/8.
-Her middle of the night wake up is so random. Sometimes it's 1230, sometimes it's 230, sometimes it's 4. The good news is it's only once! And she's in her crib and going down so well!
-Naps are pretty good... about 30 min- 1 hr in the mornings and another 2 in the afternoons.
-She is a little gymnast at diaper changes. I forgot about this stage and it's NOT my favorite!
-She still will go to others relatively well and doesn't have any major separation anxiety (yet!). This is so helpful!
-Wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. But I'm pretty sure she could easily move into a four- so as soon as these are gone I'll move her up!
-Loves her freedom in the bath now! She loves to crawl and splash!
-She is an explorer when it comes to other kids.. She will crawl right over to them and pat them and pull up on them!
-She puts EVERYthing in her mouth... We really really have to watch her!
-She is a really sweet snuggler. She'll lay her head on my shoulder and just let me hug and love on her! I super love this!

Kelsey, your precious little personality is just beginning to shine. We have fallen head over heels in love with you! You are the baby to everyone in this family and we are so thankful for you! We can't wait to watch you continue to grow!

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Maggie Coleman said...

A sweet sweet snuggler is right! Love love love you KJ!!! XO