Thursday, February 16, 2017

Not So Big at Five

We had CK's five year check up the other day.

She is healthy and strong and actually growing! Meaning, the doctor said we could officially remove her UNDERWEIGHT tag from her chart! Woot woot!

At five years, her stats are...
HEIGHT: 42.5 inches (52%)
WEIGHT: 35.6 lbs (21%)
BMI: 23.86 (10%)!!
BP: 91/57
Pulse: 92

She is back on the charts for BMI and I am so happy for that! She eats and is healthy, she is just a pint size little dear and we know that about her. Also, I've said it before, but if you've seen my mother in law, you understand CK. They are identical.

My favorite comparisons are these...

Jay at five years...
HEIGHT: 46.25 in (97%)
WEIGHT: 50.4 lbs (93%)
BMI: 17 (80%)

Monday, February 13, 2017


I cannot believe my sweet little Charley Kate is FIVE. I mean, where did the time go!?

I mean, it seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to her. Then she grew into a sweet, bouncing baby. And the next stage was Hurricane Charley- she was into EVERYthing. But that feisty toddler turned into a fun, adorable little girl. And now she's five.

This child is one of the most thoughtful, servant-hearted children I've ever seen. She lives to put others first and make them happy. She wants to give, give, give all the time. She asks to help clean the cat box so Anthony and I don't have to worry about it. She brings Jay a blanket when he is too lazy won't get up and do it for himself. She lets Molly takes her toys even when she is in the middle of playing with them. And she will do anything for Kelsey- keep her happy, play with her, carry her anywhere... this girl's heart is bigger than most. One of her favorite activities is giving gifts to people- wrapping presents for her friends at school, BOOing her buddies, bringing flowers to her teachers... if it makes someone else happy, she is happy!

She is so very athletic. She's always been super coordinated and balanced and did everything early as a baby. She is truly gifted in gymnastics- her little body is just built to be a gymnast... muscular and tiny. She can throw and hit the softball, dribble and shoot the basketball, and score goals in soccer with the best of them! She can also run faster than most!

She's my little homebody. She doesn't require tons and tons of friends at all times. She loves being with her friends at school and having playdates, but she also loves her downtime at home alone. She loves to play barbies, mom/teacher with her baby dolls, and draw pictures and wrap presents for her friends. She has really sweet girls around her, though, and I'm thankful for the many friendships she has. Each friend is her "best friend" and I love that about her!

She is so far my most snuggly child. She loves to snuggle up and cuddle on people's laps, lay next to them, have her back scratched, and give hugs and kisses.

She is so animated when she talks and tells stories- it's one of my favorite things about her. She uses her hands and arches her eyebrows and has this adorable little smack after every few words. It's the best!

She is a little pleaser- though she's the second kid, she is the first girl and certainly acts like a first child. And she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. She is by far the most emotional of our kids. But with easy sadness comes easy happiness, and you just know that she feels everything so much more.

This little girl is just one of the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful ones out there. Anthony and I sit and watch in awe of her pure gold heart. We definitely hit the jackpot when we got this one.

Charley Kate, we love you to the moon and back. You are so special to us and to our family. We can't imagine where we would be without you!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

8 Months for the Last Time!

Wow... 8 months! We have made it!

My mom and I always said the 8 month milestone is by far one of our most favorite stages. They have gotten out of that newborn stage and morphed into the CUTE baby stage! They are developing a personality and it's so fun to watch their little minds work... And Kelsey fits that perfectly!

Gosh, she is such an awesome baby! When I think back to our first 6 months and compare her to where she is now... it feels like a lifetime ago. It doesn't even feel like the same baby! She is SUCH a doll and we are all having the best time with her!

At 8 months...
-She is moving EVERYWHERE all the time! She's fast and gets from room to room to up the stairs to into the dog bowl... Nothing is safe!
-She's cruising on furniture and standing by herself for a while. She gets herself up from a squat into standing and back down again. She's even taken one step (gasp!) several times over the past week or so!
-She loves to climb and explore... to say she's physical is an understatement!
-She is curious and smart. She's definitely a watcher at first. She takes it all in and you can see her wheels turning... then she makes her move!
-She's just starting to say some words.... "Buh buh" (bye bye) was her first... She has said "mamamama" over and over... she just this week started trying to say kitty "itty" and makes a big O with her mouth to say meow and also says "Te" for Tex. I am amazed at how her little words are just blowing up!
-Waves bye and hi and claps her hands
-Nurses about 7 times a day (including once in the middle of the night)
-Eats so so much! She loves to eat pretty much anything. But unlike Molly (who actually ate everything!), she definitely has particular preferences and will just refuse or spit out whatever she doesn't like. Won't eat any baby food!
-Her perfect sleep time would be about 745-730 with one night time wake up/feeding. Unfortunately for her, she is a fourth kid and she doesn't always get put down when she needs to be. So typical is 815/830 until about 745/8.
-Her middle of the night wake up is so random. Sometimes it's 1230, sometimes it's 230, sometimes it's 4. The good news is it's only once! And she's in her crib and going down so well!
-Naps are pretty good... about 30 min- 1 hr in the mornings and another 2 in the afternoons.
-She is a little gymnast at diaper changes. I forgot about this stage and it's NOT my favorite!
-She still will go to others relatively well and doesn't have any major separation anxiety (yet!). This is so helpful!
-Wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. But I'm pretty sure she could easily move into a four- so as soon as these are gone I'll move her up!
-Loves her freedom in the bath now! She loves to crawl and splash!
-She is an explorer when it comes to other kids.. She will crawl right over to them and pat them and pull up on them!
-She puts EVERYthing in her mouth... We really really have to watch her!
-She is a really sweet snuggler. She'll lay her head on my shoulder and just let me hug and love on her! I super love this!

Kelsey, your precious little personality is just beginning to shine. We have fallen head over heels in love with you! You are the baby to everyone in this family and we are so thankful for you! We can't wait to watch you continue to grow!