Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas in the Country!

We had such a fun Christmas this year!

We spent Christmas in Brenham with Anthony's family. The kids (at least the big ones!) are at the PERFECT ages for Santa!

Friday as we all got into town we took Anthony's parents to the BlueBell Factory for the first time! 
Gotta show them what Brenham is really about! 

Group shot!

Friday evening Andrea and her crew got in and the cousins ran around like crazy!

Saturday (Christmas Eve!) we spent the day hanging around the ranch, playing outside, feeding the fish, and spending time together. Saturday evening we went to candlelight Christmas Eve service at a church there- it was a great little service! The church was busting at the seams filled with people and the kids thought the singing and the candles were really neat. We've done this the last few times we've done Christmas with Anthony's family and we've just really come to love it!

We got back and had Christmas Eve tamales, beans, rice, and queso. Aunt Andrea let the kids open a gift from her and then we got everyone in their PJs and read/watched Twas the Night Before Christmas. We set out cookies and milk for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer and some food on the lawn! It was so special- and the kids were getting so so excited!

Christmas Eve night all the elves got busy! I put together the Barbie dream house (oy!) and set all the kids gifts out. Anthony was putting the kids down and Molly was taking a while. Once I knew she was down I went in and woke him up- we still had lots of work to do! We got Jay's swing away set up and everything picked up and ready for the next morning.

Everyone went to bed, and Anthony and I were just up together, in our wonderful Brenham home, taking in the magic of Christmas, reveling in the gifts and blessings God has given us... It was actually a really really sweet moment. :)

The next morning was show time! Our kids were up JUST AFTER 5:00 am!!!!!!! Since we were all in the house together, we had all the kids in our room- which ended up being a good thing since they were up early. We told them they had to stay in bed until 7. At about 645 I texted Anthony's parents and sister and said we were ready to come out. Sloan was still out and they didn't want to wake her, so we just did our Santa stuff with our kids and the rest of the grown ups (minus Kelsey- she was out and didn't know the difference! Ha!).

It was SOOOO fun watching their reactions to what Santa brought them! Everyone got what they asked for- and they were all so so appreciative!

With her new Barbie Dream House!! 

Jay loving his new helmets! 

Christmas morning family shot. 

Molly got her own Barbie Dream House (mini!)

So. Many. Football. Helmets!

We ate lots of yummy breakfast and the kids played for a bit. Then we did family gifts! It's my favorite part of Christmas- I LOOOVE seeing everyone open the gifts I worked so hard to find! One of the exciting gifts was Anthony getting a basketball hoop for the ranch! So he and his dad spent a couple hours putting that together while the kids played with their new toys!

We all left the next morning... which seemed so fast!

Christmas was truly so wonderful this year. The cousins are starting to play so well together and the grown ups love hanging out too! Thankful for this wonderful family I married into!

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