Sunday, January 29, 2017

Molly in Gymnastics

Y'all, Molly started gymnastics and it's just about the cutest thing I have EVER seen!

I remember when Jay started gymnastics and then when CK did- and I loved every bit of it! And Molly's is no different!

This is supposed to be a "Mom and Me" class (plus Kelsey). Well, we've now been in this for four weeks, and Molly continues to tell me every single time, "No, mom! You stay over to the side with Kels. I'm doing this alone!" And that girl does the entire class alone!

Talk about independent! Sheesh! Now I know how my mom has felt with me all these years!

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Years in Brenham!

This is the second straight year we have spent New Year's Eve at the ranch! It's perfect because we can have lots of people out (the kids can be wild on the acres of land) and we can shoot fireworks! It's a win win!

We actually went up on Friday during the day with my parents. We spent the day out there- unloading a new fridge, attempting to put together a new bed frame, setting up a new twin bed, and lots of other "little" things. It was really  nice to have their help! Plus, we all just relaxed and hung out. It was beautiful weather and we got to just enjoy being there.

My parents left Friday night and we stayed the night to prepare for our company the next morning. We made a trip "into town" for a bunch of little stuff and ended up spending too much time and too much money on things we didn't actually need (who doesn't love a good half wine barrel as a side table for the porch!? Ha!).

Anyway, friends started showing up around lunch time and the kids were off and wild the rest of the day.

We did hot dogs and fruit and chips for the kids for dinner, then the adults turned them loose with glow sticks and glow balloons outside while we all sat down together for a steak dinner. It was wonderful!

We did fireworks and sparklers after, and the kids even had a sparkling grape juice toast! They loved it all!

This is just proof I had one kid who napped/slept in a pack n play! 

Julie and Heidi made Olaf cake balls- and they sang happy birthday to them! Ha!

Kids dinner on the porch! 

Kelsey loving her NYE dinner!

More kids dinner on the porch

Two of the party animals! 
Kinda makes me nervous for their future! Ha!

Love my Ford!
Especially since he will be son in law one day- this will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner!

So thankful we got to see Jill and her crew!
Love this friend and her family! 

All the kids! 

Molly and Ford

The girls!

Even Tex got a crown!

We put most to bed and half of the adults/families left. It ended up just being my BFF Courtney and her husband and Anthony and me who spent the night. It was so wonderful to just spend some time with them. We are with them a lot, but always surrounded by kids- and this was just wonderful to hang out and talk and watch Mariah Carey's NYE mishap!

Love this tradition and hope we can continue for a long, long time!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Back in December, Jay "lost" his first tooth!

And I say that tongue in cheek because I certainly wouldn't call the process of how it happened as normal or losing the teeth...

Back at his dentist appointment in early 2016, they took some X-rays and it showed Jay's permanent teeth were coming in pretty far behind his baby teeth. Then in August, they looked again and they were WAY behind the baby teeth. The dentist told us that the permanent teeth were too far back to eat up the roots, so Jay wouldn't be losing his teeth in the conventional way. He told us as soon as the permanent teeth broke the surface we needed to come in to have his teeth pulled or else they would settle too far back.

I have been watching those things like a hawk. And lo and behold, that permanent tooth popped through the beginning of December. I called the dentist's office that day and they said to come in asap.

Permanent tooth in and behind the baby teeth

Two days later we were in! I was nervous that it was going to be painful and awful for him (though I didn't project that at all to him!). I was remembering having to have teeth pulled when I was younger and I was picturing the dentist with a leg up on the table and pliers and just yanking! Maybe a little dramatic, but I was fearful.

We got to the office and they immediately put some gas on his nose and the nasty deadening stuff in his lower lip. I could tell when he started to get a little loopy and relaxed. The dentist came in and told him he was going to check out his teeth while he watched a movie on the ceiling. During that, he super sneakily gave him the shot in his lower gums. Jay had NO clue. I was AMAZED!

Gas mask

The sneaky shot. He had no clue! 

He let the shot sink in for another ten minutes or so. Meanwhile Jay was happily watching the Peanuts movie and the little girls were playing.

The dentist came back in and sat down. He said, "Jay, I'm going to try to wiggle your teeth a little." He got a piece of gaze, and "wiggled" and then handed it to the nurse. I looked at them and mouthed, "Are you going to pull them now?" and they said, "They are already out!"

I was AMAZED! It seriously took .1 second to do it and there was no tugging or anything (and those suckers were NOT loose!)!! I about fell over!

As the dentist was cleaning everything up, I told him how amazed I was! He said, "There are two things I do really really well- deadening and pulling!" And man, was he right! I have never seen anything like that! Unbelievable!

Check out the roots on those suckers!! Yowza!

Jay sat up and was fine. He HATED the numb feeling and wouldn't close his mouth or swallow or anything, but other than that, he was such a trooper. That boy never ceases to amaze me. Where a lot of kids would freak out or cry and whine, he did nothing!

Deep, deep grooves!

Back to normal and playing later! 
LOVING his new look!

It was such an easy process! I am SO thankful for our pediatric dentist! He is the very best!

Jay wrote a letter to the tooth fairy later. He was so excited for her to come that night... and she did not disappoint! Since it was his first tooth/teeth and they came out in such an odd way, he was very well taken care of  :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas in the Country!

We had such a fun Christmas this year!

We spent Christmas in Brenham with Anthony's family. The kids (at least the big ones!) are at the PERFECT ages for Santa!

Friday as we all got into town we took Anthony's parents to the BlueBell Factory for the first time! 
Gotta show them what Brenham is really about! 

Group shot!

Friday evening Andrea and her crew got in and the cousins ran around like crazy!

Saturday (Christmas Eve!) we spent the day hanging around the ranch, playing outside, feeding the fish, and spending time together. Saturday evening we went to candlelight Christmas Eve service at a church there- it was a great little service! The church was busting at the seams filled with people and the kids thought the singing and the candles were really neat. We've done this the last few times we've done Christmas with Anthony's family and we've just really come to love it!

We got back and had Christmas Eve tamales, beans, rice, and queso. Aunt Andrea let the kids open a gift from her and then we got everyone in their PJs and read/watched Twas the Night Before Christmas. We set out cookies and milk for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer and some food on the lawn! It was so special- and the kids were getting so so excited!

Christmas Eve night all the elves got busy! I put together the Barbie dream house (oy!) and set all the kids gifts out. Anthony was putting the kids down and Molly was taking a while. Once I knew she was down I went in and woke him up- we still had lots of work to do! We got Jay's swing away set up and everything picked up and ready for the next morning.

Everyone went to bed, and Anthony and I were just up together, in our wonderful Brenham home, taking in the magic of Christmas, reveling in the gifts and blessings God has given us... It was actually a really really sweet moment. :)

The next morning was show time! Our kids were up JUST AFTER 5:00 am!!!!!!! Since we were all in the house together, we had all the kids in our room- which ended up being a good thing since they were up early. We told them they had to stay in bed until 7. At about 645 I texted Anthony's parents and sister and said we were ready to come out. Sloan was still out and they didn't want to wake her, so we just did our Santa stuff with our kids and the rest of the grown ups (minus Kelsey- she was out and didn't know the difference! Ha!).

It was SOOOO fun watching their reactions to what Santa brought them! Everyone got what they asked for- and they were all so so appreciative!

With her new Barbie Dream House!! 

Jay loving his new helmets! 

Christmas morning family shot. 

Molly got her own Barbie Dream House (mini!)

So. Many. Football. Helmets!

We ate lots of yummy breakfast and the kids played for a bit. Then we did family gifts! It's my favorite part of Christmas- I LOOOVE seeing everyone open the gifts I worked so hard to find! One of the exciting gifts was Anthony getting a basketball hoop for the ranch! So he and his dad spent a couple hours putting that together while the kids played with their new toys!

We all left the next morning... which seemed so fast!

Christmas was truly so wonderful this year. The cousins are starting to play so well together and the grown ups love hanging out too! Thankful for this wonderful family I married into!