Monday, December 19, 2016

The One About Thanksgiving

We hosted our second ever Thanksgiving at Squill Ranch this year! My how far we have come from last year (looking at you, uncooked turkey!).

It was our turn to spend Thanksgiving with the Moriarty Fam and everyone was excited to head out to Brenham! Some of us got there Wednesday afternoon which turned out great because it gave us time to unpack and get settled. Unfortunately, both my little girls were sick sick sick. Regardless, much fun was had by the cousins- and by the siblings and spouses too!

Thursday was spent cooking and taking care of sick littles and refereeing and playing and fishing. We had 22 people out there- that's just my immediate family.

My sickest little. Poor thing felt terrible.

How moms prep Thanksgiving meals! 

My other little sicky!

The big boy cousins brought their "retro" Nintendo 64 (what? those aren't cool anymore?!)
and a projector and played on an empty wall in the playroom!
Needless to say, my 6 year old was quite obsessed! 

The "middles" decorating the tablecloths!

Grandeb on Grandeb duty!

Crafting fun with Auntie Kiki!

All hands on deck around here! 

PawPaw always carves the turkey!

Cornhole fun! 

Probably my favorite picture from the weekend. 
It's always been a family tradition after the prayer to go around and say what we are thankful for this year. 
We are so so blessed! 

And when it was time to eat, you just ate where you could find a spot! 

Thankful for this guy!

Hard to believe they are all mine! 

We had a great Thanksgiving and were all exhausted afterwards. We still had a little in us to sneak in some fishing, hang out and visit some more, and make a fire and relax by it... well, when kids are around relax isn't the exact word I'd use. But it was fun the kids loved it!

Rocking on the porch!

More Grandeb duty. 
Let's talk about how awesome Sadie is. 
Kelsey, take a lesson! 

My odds! 

Charley Kate loved building!

Anthony in his happy place! 
I have never seen him so chilled out than after fishing. 

It gets dark FAST out there! 

Molly loves to snuggle with PawPaw!

Washing off the day! 

And of course, one giant Moriarty Family picture! 
The first picture of all 22 of us out there! 

Friday was more of the same- playing and fishing and hanging out. My cousin, Kelli and her family were in College Station from Pennsylvania visiting her parents, so we had all of them out on Friday. Ugh! I miss them! The kids all had an absolute blast together. I so wish they lived close and we got to see them more!

The Harmon sisters, plus their youngest babies, with their youngest babies! 
Lots of memories between Kelli, Michelle, and me! 
I hope our two girls her little boy can do the same!

Owen loved fishing with Anthony.
He caught the biggest catfish on record at the ranch... a 3 lb!

Kelli's middle and Molly passed out- facing the wrong end of the bed! 

Dickson is the cutest! 

Shooting skeet with Aaron and Josh. 
I was a terrible shot that day- and I'm normally pretty decent! 

It's just fun to visit and catch up! 

The girls loved playing together!

More visiting!

And our group shot! 

It was a fun day but we were all spent by Friday night. Most people headed back and my family, Michelle's family, and Kiki's family stayed and spent the night. It was an early night.

The next morning we all cleaned up and packed up and got outta there early- we had family pictures that afternoon!

Friday night shenanigans! 

And Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some sort of mishap! 
The Fountains car wouldn't start.. Always something! 

After family pictures we celebrated Anthony's (and Owen's and Jill's and Scott's) birthdays at my parents' house.

It was a super fun, super hectic and crazy few days. We wouldn't change it for the world- except maybe a little less crazy and a little more sleep. Ha!

The best part about being out in Brenham is getting to be outside all the time. We aren't all just stuck inside one house for a weekend- we can get out and do things and be pretty spread out! Thankful we have a place to celebrate... but especially thankful for our wonderful and numerous blessings.

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