Thursday, December 8, 2016

6 Months Old.. For the Last Time!

I can't believe we have survived 6 months with four kids!

I am laughing so hard- I just went back and reread Molly's 6 month post. It was all rainbows and unicorns and how wonderful life was at that time... and I think about these past 6 months and I just don't have those feelings at ALL! Not saying life isn't wonderful and we aren't terribly blessed- because both of those are true! But the last 6 months have by far been the hardest of my life. So so so hard.

Four kids is HARD. Fussy babies are HARD. Four kids where one is a fussy baby is REALLY HARD.

But each month that goes by is one more month of us surviving, growing, and learning. And one more month where I feel like I earned one extra jewel in my heavenly crown! (kidding... sort of)

Kelsey is a sweet sweet girl. She is generally so very happy and easy... as long as she's with her momma. While all of my babies have been attached to me, this one is even more so than the others.

While it gets tough, it's wonderful knowing she trusts me and relies on me so much. I am her lifeline. I am her safety net. I am her world right now... and that is a pretty amazing thing!

Kelsey at 6 months...
-Sitting up, crawling to every single room, and yes... even beginning pulling up to standing. She is our earliest to crawl. Our other kids at 6 months were taking a few crawls here and there and this girl is absolutely all over the place.
-She has gotten amazing in the past week about sitting around with her older siblings and just playing toys. I can't even believe I don't have to hold her 24/7. This is amazing!!
-She's in size 3 diapers and 6 month and 9 month clothes. She is very long and needs that length! Most things totally swallow her up though- she's a very skinny thing!
-She's by far our worst sleeper. I tried her crib twice. Both times she was up a jillion times before 11:45 when I went to bed for the night. So she's back in our bed. And I'm nursing her back to sleep every time she wakes. She is bad. I am bad. I am too tired to even try to work on her sleep all night long. I. Just. Can't.
-She generally falls asleep around 8:30/9 for the night and sleeps until about 8ish the next morning. She naps twice a day (very well). Usually a cat nap around 10:30 and then again around 2 for several hours.
-She has a precious laugh and sweet little sense of humor.
-I know we all think this about our kids, but she is a smart little cookie. She copies and does things we do. She does "so big" on cue! And I know you will think I'm lying, but she did AND said bye bye this past weekend!!! She's been waving for a week now- and she absolutely knows what she's doing. It's not a perfect wave, but her little hand does the same thing and her arm goes up. And this weekend she actually did the wave then said, "buh buh." It was on cue with the wave and she did it several times! AND WE HAVE IT ON VIDEO for those who don't believe us!!!!!
-She's been pretty awesome lately with babysitters/nursery workers/other people. Thank you Lord!
-She is a great eater. Nurses every 3 hours or so and eats whatever between. She loves table food and whatever we are having. She absolutely hates pureed baby food! Ha!
-She is not so laid back... even a little. She's still pretty demanding of our time and attention. I know this won't last forever, but it's a little hard when your young baby already has such a strong opinion.
-She hates the car! Screams just about every time I put her in- stretches her back out and stiffens up and SCREAMS. Ugh.
-She loves her siblings so so much. They are wonderful to her. Always caring, always sweet, always understanding.
-And her pets. I think since the pets have gotten older they've just given up with the kids. She climbs all over both of them and grabs their fur and ears and pokes their teeth. They are so good to her.
-She had her first ear infection last weekend (after a nasty virus over Thanksgiving!) and it was a double doozy. Poor girl. On amoxicillin for the first time and broke out in hives a few days later. Doctor thinks it was due to virus! This one is certainly keeping us on our toes!

She really is such a joy to us. Her smile is so infectious. I love how she can draw anyone in with that happy face! She loves to ride forward facing in the Baby Bjorn and just be close to mom and explore the world safely.

We had her 6 month check up today and she is our skinniest baby yet and our tallest girl! You can absolutely tell by looking at her!

Height: 27.5 in (97%)
Weight: 14 lbs, 13 oz (26%)
FOC: 16 in (12%)!!!!

Height: 27 in (89%)
Weight: 15 lbs, 15.5 oz (48%)
FOC: 16.75 (61%)

Charley Kate
Height: 27.25 in (90%)
Weight: 15 lbs, 5 oz (40%)
FOC: ??

Height: 27.5 in (84%)
Weight: 17 lbs, 7 oz (49%)
FOC: 17.5 (53%)

We love you sweet Kelsey Jo! You are a precious child and our perfect little caboose. Can't wait to watch you continue to grow!

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