Monday, November 7, 2016

The Baby at 5 Months!

Sheesh... FIVE months!

I'm loving each month that she grows further from that newborn stage and closer to the stage where we really learn who she is. I definitely have started truly truly enjoying these last firsts that we are having with her, though. Now that I feel like we are in a good, comfortable place, it's starting to be so fun to just sit and watch her!

She has become quite the happy little baby... as long as she's with her momma! She's pretty go with the flow, and has even gotten better in the car!

So for Kelsey, five months has brought...
-Size 6 month clothes- this girl is TALL!
-Size 2 diapers... this girl is THIN!
-Takes a bottle well, nurses every 2-3 hours for about 7-9 minutes, and so far loves just about every food we have put in her mouth (except baby bananas- not a fan!).
-On that note, she has started solids and loves them. She likes the pureed baby foods fine, but she LOVES table food! This makes it so darn easy for us! I love it!
-Really starting to hold things well and play with toys
-Because of the playing with toys, car rides have gotten exponentially better! She's still not perfect, but she actually even falls asleep in the car sometimes! What?!
-Takes usually two naps a day (sometimes a third cat nap depending on the day). One in the morning for 20-45 min and a long afternoon one (anywhere from 1.5-3 hours).
-Night time sleep is usually 9-9... but not continuous of course! Wakes a couple times to eat still- and I'm not doing anything about that. Still in our room (in our bed if I'm being honest, because I am- why not?!). I have big plans to move her to her crib... at some point! Ha!
-She is scootching all over the place and is up on her hands and knees and rocking!! Our earliest to do so! What the heck!
-But not sitting independently- which is the latest of all the kids!
-Has a great laugh and happy little personality
-Loves her siblings! They are all so good to her and interact so differently with her. It's sweet to see little relationships forming!
-Still loves all the pets
-Fusses for Daddy some and Grandeb some- but isn't nearly as awful with babysitters as her older sisters! Woohoo!
-Is a momma's girl through and through!
-Wants to be upright all the time- doesn't like laying down at all!
-Can't be left in a lay down toy (bouncy seat, car seat, nap nanny, etc) without being strapped in because she rolls over and wiggles out! Seriously!
-She talks a LOT and is LOUD! She babbles the /b/ consonant sound a ton and occasionally will pop an /m/ in there! She's generally so happy but talks so much and so loud that we can't even sit in church (even though she's happy!)
-Just had her first fever over the weekend- 102. So glad we made it this long, but she was miserable.

First time in Bible class at church!

First solids courtesy of her big sis!

Cousin play time with Sadie!

Sitting up in her bucket bath!

She is so tall this was a little more comfortable!

First fever. I got lots of snuggles!

Kelsey has blossomed into this sweet sweet baby. We are so thankful for our little caboose and hope she knows how much she is adored by everyone in this family!

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Maggie Coleman said...

My oh my I just love that sweet little Kelsey Jo!! You're so special Kels!!! XOXO