Sunday, November 13, 2016

Football and Soccer!

Jay and Charley Kate both just finished their fall sports seasons. It was a really great, really laid back fall as far as sports go. They were both on really sweet teams and they just got to play and have fun- which is so important!

Jay was the Jaguars flag football team. They started out well at the beginning of the season and ended up struggling a little towards the end. But (some of) the boys got better and had a lot of fun in the process, so I guess that's all that matters! Ha!

Jay learned the basics of the game of football and rotated between running back, wide receiver, and quarterback on offense and played safety on defense (he's a quick boy- even though he's one of the biggest!). He scored a touchdown and I cried! It was a super fun season and of course we are thankful Anthony was able to help coach!

Jay loved getting to play with his best bud Wyatt!

Super intimidating?!

Jay earned the game helmet after a game with especially tough defense! 

And the game ball after a great offensive game! 

Charley Kate had her first season of soccer- and she LOVED it! She and her bff Avery were the only two girls on a team with all boys- and they certainly held their own! The first game CK wasn't sure about all the pushing and shoving... but by the end she was in the middle of the pack fighting for the ball (and successfully getting it and dribbling it down for a score!)! She was probably the third leading scorer on her team this year- she really was SUPER awesome! I can't wait to watch her continue- she is so athletic and has so much fun! Love her little competitive spirit!

Charley Kate and Coach Daddy

The huddle... Not abnormal with 4-5 year olds!

Charley Kate loved playing with her BFF, Avery!

Yup, that's their team name... The Black BlueJays! Ha!


It was such fun watching my kids do what they love! Both have such potential and we will let them enjoy it as long as they want!

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