Thursday, September 1, 2016

The First Week Down!

Welp, we survived the first week of our first kid going to kindergarten!

Look, I know it will seem like less and less of a "thing" with each subsequent kid. I think the reason it's SUCH a big deal with your first kid is because it begins the transition to that next phase of life. The phase where school actually counts, the phase where you can't just take the off to go to the zoo, the phase that puts you one step closer to an empty nest... it just changes things when your first little bird leaves the nest (even if it is only to kindergarten). Things will just be different from now on. And of course, that's not necessarily bad, it's just, well... different.

So we survived drop off and leaving. Jay was WAY more nervous than I thought he'd be. Anthony stayed home from work that morning to take Jay to school. And if you know Anthony, you know this was a HUGE deal. He's not one to EVER miss work- especially not a Monday morning. He thrives on routine and to "go off" schedule is a huge sacrifice for him- and our kids know that. Jay knew it was so special that his daddy was skipping work to take him to school. It was so so sweet.

Anyway, we all set alarms and woke up early. I knew we needed to get out the door by 730, and if we had to get all of us ready, we had no time to waste. I woke up early and got ready and had all of Jay's stuff ready the night before. I may or may not have had the girls sleep in their clothes... ha! Look, if I'm having to get everyone up and moving and out the door AND looking presentable by 730, I'm taking any shortcuts I can!

We left by about 732 and made it to school. We walked in with the masses and said hello to a jillion fellow neighbors. I watched the nervous first time moms (those just like me). As we got to Jay's classroom and I swallowed the lump in my throat for the tenth time, I looked at Anthony and HE WAS TEARING UP! Wait, what?! I was so proud of myself for holding it together this far, and then Anthony gets emotional. That just did me in! I couldn't look at him or anyone else for fear of LOSING it! My goal was to not be emotional in front of Jay- especially because he was so nervous. I wanted him to know that he could be ok with this because we were ok with this.

We took all our pictures and looked around and then said goodbye. I tell you, I can't remember a time when I have swallowed back tears more times than I did this morning. He was nervous and I was nervous. He looked so big yet so so small. I just wanted to run in and scream, "He's not ready!" and bring him home with me. But the reality is, he is SO ready. I know he will just soar once he gets going in school. It's this mommas who is so not ready.....

So thankful he had some buddies in his class! 

He was so embarrassed that Kelsey was screaming! 

Love this one!
If you look closely you can see Daddy's red eyes :)

After the drop off!
This was with our sweet friends (and CK's BFF). 
Daddy duty is strong! 

As we walked out the door and through the halls, I was trying not to cry. This was purely selfish- I passed several other kinder moms who were walking out sobbing and made a mental note to NOT be that girl. And look, if that you was you, then no worries at all. I just knew I'd regret letting it all go with so many people around- that's just how I am! Plus, I looked around at the moms of older kids and they all looked so joyful! Maybe they were ready for their kids to be back in school (very likely), but I also like to think they were joyful because they knew how happy their kids were and how well they were going to do. 

We eventually got back to our car, and I got in and drove off. And that's when I let go and shed a tear or two (hundred). 

But there was really not a ton of time to feel sorry for myself. Kelsey was screaming in the car (seriously??!) and the girls were bickering about what DVD to watch. So we headed home and returned to "normal." I fed Kelsey and then we had plans for a playdate with all of CK's pre-k friends. But because our little area is awesome, one of the local restaurants had a "Back to school" special for the moms- mimosas (or coffee!) and breakfast tacos for CHEAP! A few of my girlfriends and I (and my sister, Jennifer!) met there (with the little siblings in tow!) and chatted and felt sorry for ourselves! Ha!

I'd like to think I looked better than this, but in reality, I didn't. 
Sweaty and tear-stricken aren't a good look. Whatever. 

We headed to our playdate and put the baby girls down for naps. We were just hanging out at home and passing the time until our JayBird got home. In a cruel turn of events, the same day that I sent my oldest to Kindergarten, my youngest hit her first major milestone- rolling over tummy to back! What?! TIME SLOW DOWN. 

That was the best picture I could get of it (I have plenty of video, don't you worry!). The best part of the picture is how happy she was to do it! It's also worth noting that this was her FIRST EVER tummy time. Whoops, totally forgot about that one, but I would say it didn't hold her back too much! Ha. 

Anyway, a few hours later we had this glorious sight!

I'm sure he was totally embarrassed that I was taking pictures! Whatever! 

He was a little off when he got off the bus. Not very talkative and just a little different. His buddy (and our neighbor) Braden came over to play and the boys were BOUNCING off the walls. Then we had dinner that night and Jay might have had a slight meltdown (over nothing). That's when I realized how nervous he had really been. Between the pent up nerves, the energy he was using/forcing down to just sit and be calm all day, and then no recess because of the rain, he was a wreck! But after a "normal" family dinner and finally feeling ready to open up and talk about his day (and never stopping once he got started), his little world fell back into place and he became himself again. 

These girls missed him SO much! They could not get enough after dinner! 
Kisses and snuggles and hugs galore! 
He acted like he didn't want the attention, but he wasn't pushing them off either :)

The rest of the week was SO seamless! Each day he was happy and excited to get on the bus and head to school, and each afternoon he bounded off the bus in a great mood ready to chat about his day. He was pretty exhausted by Thursday night, and Friday morning I had to wake him up at 7:15 (bus comes at 7:30!). 

Looking forward to week 2 and our new normal. It's been an adjustment for all of us, but we haven't let him come home yet without showing him how missed he was! 

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Brittany said...

Pictures of kindergarteners and the big, yellow bus get me every time! So glad that the transition has been smooth overall!