Thursday, September 22, 2016

School Days 2016

First days of school- one of my favorite things as a student, then a teacher, and now a parent! The excitement, the unknown... Eek! 

Now that I have kids I still get excited, but I also become terrified as well! Will they have fun? Will they make friends? Will the teachers notice them? But it's also the thoughts of a new routine (!), new kids to meet and moms to become friends with (!), the growth that I know will come over the year (!)... So much! 

Anyway, you heard all about Jay's first day (because his was the biggest CHANGE for us), but here's another pic just so I can have them all in one spot! 

And now onto my brand new Pre-K gal! Oh my, this seems so old for her. I think I will forever think of her as a three year old for some reason! 

I was worried so much about this one. She struggled the most with the change of a new baby. She became increasingly clingy and attached and so very emotional. She would cry just thinking about school and I was not looking forward to the daily battle of getting her to school. But two weeks before her school started, we had a playdate with her old friends from her class last year. And really, the rest is history. But seriously, just seeing them and remembering how much fun she had with them was all it took- after that she was confident again and getting back to her old self. 

A week later we had another playdate just with some of her girlfriends, had her meet the teacher, and I knew we were set! She hasn't cried or complained about school once! In fact, when you ask her how it was, she always replies, "AWESOME!" ThankyouJesus!

And Molly. Oh, Molly. She has had the hardest time (understandably so). She cried at meet the teacher. The first day she was ok (well she technically missed the first day due to an infected spider bite... Sigh). But she was ok getting out of the car (it's a carpool drop off) and supposedly cried on and off all day. 

The second day, though? Oh. My. Gosh. She cried all morning "I just want to stay with you, momma!" while we got ready. We get in the car and she cried the whole way there. And when we pulled up she literally ran to the back row of the suburban and held onto her car seat screaming as th teachers had to pull her out!!! It was horrible! 

Now to backtrack, I would not send her if she was miserable all day. I got pictures of her happy and painting and laughing. But the initial separation has just been so hard on her. 

Anyway, the third day she willingly got out when she saw her teacher. And the fourth day she told me she wanted to walk in like a big girl. So when we pulled up I told the teacher who got her out and Molly walked in alone and was happy as can be! And no tears at all that whole day! Woohoo! 

So it's been a bit of a whirlwind, but we have all survived and are figuring out this new routine! 

And just because, here is littlest bit on the first day(s)! 

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