Friday, September 9, 2016

A Tale of the Potty (Version 3.0)

In true Squillante kid fashion, Molly declared a few weeks ago that she was ready for potty training.

I mean, not exactly in those words, but for two consecutive days started telling me every single time she needed to go teehee and demanded I take her to the potty. Now, this isn't totally abnormal- with two older siblings she knows this is the drill and likes to pretend to be a big kid every now and then.

But this time was different- she did it EVERY time she needed to go and did it for two days. So on Monday, August 22 (yup, the same day Jay started kindergarten and the same day I realized Kelsey could roll over), I decided we probably needed to try out potty training since she seemed ready. For the record, I was NOT ready to do this, nor did I want to even a little. I have enough on plate that I do not need to be worrying about running someone to the potty in public and remembering to have her go before we ran errands- oh and school was starting for her in two weeks. What a nightmare timing-wise!

But I also know kids well enough that if they express a legitimate interest, then you can't pass it up because it might be your only "easy" chance.

And away we went!

I was totally unprepared because I literally had no idea this would be happening now. No panties for her, no prizes/rewards.. nothing. Luckily she can wear her big sister's panties (or her big sister can wear her size.. whatever). So we stayed home pretty much all day Tuesday and Wednesday to do try it out. She was pretty much just naked both those days. And the crazy thing was, I NEVER asked her if she needed to go. She just would stop playing, look at me, and say, "I gonna go potty, mommy." And that was that. By Wednesday she wouldn't let me help her in anyway at all, "No, I gonna do it mysewf!"

By Wednesday, we had had zero accidents and had successfully made it through two separate nap times without a diaper and waking up dry. We were committed by this point. We had one outing on Wednesday (meet the teacher) and so we put on some little panties and went about our business. While we were in the room she told us she needed to go so we showed her where everything was and she did it by herself.

But Friday was the real test. We were driving to Dallas to meet my newest niece (!!!!). Four hours in the car, around nap time... Oy. I tried to make her go before we left, no dice. She just was not going to go. So we stopped halfway to let her go (and load up on snacks and feed Kelsey), and she would NOT go. She tried and tried, bless her heart. She just wasn't going. Finally, we got to Dallas to my sister's house and played for a bit and she finally decided to go! She held it for like, FIVE HOURS!

The next few days were totally fine and accident free. I just knew we weren't going to be so lucky driving home on Sunday (how do you get that lucky two different times?!). But alas, the exact same thing happened this time. She held it the whole trip and went when we got home. Unreal!

We've now been at this a little over two weeks and in those 18 days, we've had two MINOR accidents- both times she teeteed the teeniest little bit and then realized what she was doing and stopped herself and ran to the bathroom! She also is pooping perfectly fine- the first time she was a little nervous to go and got on and off the potty a thousand times. She finally went once and it was a piece of cake from there on out!

And not only have we conquered naps, but she's without a diaper at night and only had two MINOR accidents there (forgot she was asleep and went the smallest amount- like didn't even soak through the sheet, then woke herself up and finished on the potty!).

Needless to say, Molly is a rockstar as far as potty training goes. I will fully 100% admit I had NOTHING to do with this. It was all her. She decided when she was ready, she tells me when she has to go to the bathroom... it's all HER. I am pretty shocked it was as easy as it was, and I'm extra shocked the naps and night time was so smooth. Both my big kids were pretty easy as well, but I'm thinking this was the easiest transition yet. And all without a plan and rewards and well, anything!

So, I know what some of you are thinking... You are a jerk and a braggart. And I know this because I read people's blogs about people whose kids potty train easily and I recently read a Facebook status from a  college friend about not particularly liking people whose kids get it right away. Lest you think I'm a jerk or braggart, I'm just gonna be real... I DESERVE TO HAVE IT EASY HERE. You know why? Because I have really hard, really loud-crying, really bad-sleeping, really really BAD NEWBORNS. So I'm just going to go ahead and take something that comes easily to my kids and OWN IT. That's right! I'm going to shout from the rooftops that we caught a break and this worked out really really well. I'm going to do this because I just had FOUR kids at home all summer long- one of which was an awful newborn, another was a typical two year old, another was a confident child who suddenly became scared to be in a different room from me, and the other was a child who never stopped talking ever. So yeah, it was a sucky summer and I want a reason to celebrate (other than the kids and me actually surviving).

Anyway, I'm so proud of Molly. I'm thankful I had enough of a coherent mind to go with it when she showed she was ready. Here's to you, girl! You deserve it all (and have asked for nothing except independence!)!


the blogivers said...

Hahaha I'm glad my angry fb post (written in a fit of rage on a hard day!) helped you fully embrace the amazingness of your easy potty trainers ;) It really is all relative... I had a hard time getting pregnant, but I had easy newborns and good sleepers - it all balances out! And really, after a few miserable potty training days with Avery, she really has done awesome, so I can't complain too much either!

Jason and Jenny said...

You totally should own it and you definitely deserve to be proud of your kids! I mean, that is amazing! Reed also potty trained himself literally overnight, with very minor accidents, overnight, naptime, everything. It was a breeze and also no bribing, incentives, anything. I totally also felt I deserved it after the SUPER hard newborn days that lasted to 6 months and him not sleeping through the night until 18 months. I think with each kid you get harder phases and easier! I'm doing high fives with you on this one, because, potty training themselves is amazing!! Way to go Molly (and yippee for Mommy!)