Monday, August 8, 2016

Our Last Baby is 2 Months!

Yikes... it just hit me today that this will be our last two month well check ever. Things like that seem so dumb, but it's weird to think that chapter has officially closed. Wow.

Anyway, we had Kelsey's check up this morning. She is healthy and growing and that is all a momma can pray for. Well, that and less crying. But whatever.

This is how it started... Maybe she didn't like the choice of bows?

Kelsey has proven to be a mix between just sugary sweet wonderful and pretty tough! Ha. Typical girl?
-She eats every 2 hours. On the dot. Never fail. I can count on one hand the times she's gone longer than two hours throughout the day. She eats at least 20 minutes each time. Makes it hard to get much done with the bigs!
-She hates her carseat... in the car. She will sit in it and we will carry her around or push her in the stroller. As soon as we lift it up and click it into the car, she screams. The big kids HATE going anywhere because she screams so much and so loud. Molly doesn't care. Typical.
-She smiles like crazy with that huge open mouth smile. She did it the earliest of all the kids- right after 4 weeks!
-She has rolled over back to front three different times. I know she's not trying to do it, but it's happened. She has that body type to make it happen!
-She's cooing up a storm which is just freaking precious!
-Night time is going ok! I won't lie, she's in our bed 100% of the time. Naps and night time. At this point, it works, so whatever. I know she won't be there forever! She has been the best of our kids at going right back to sleep after she wakes to eat at night. I think partially it's because she's in bed with me and I just nurse her and fall asleep and then we stay that way. I also think it's just her (because I did the same thing with the other girls).
-She still isn't going long stretches (her longest has been five hours just 2-3 times). Partly my fault because I have her in bed with us and I just feed her when she stirs (I know, you'll tell me I'm starting bad habits. And maybe I am, but I am getting sleep so just keep your opinions to yourself! Ha!), and partly because she's so small that I think she legit has a little bitty stomach.
-She favors Mommy the most and pretty much screams if anyone else has her. Seriously.
-Likes to sit upright on my chest and just snuggle in. She loves the Moby and Baby Bjorn, but most of the time I don't put those on, so I'm holding her a lot. It's just forgetting/laziness on my part!
-She loves her siblings, but especially gives big reactions to her big brother!
-Loves the swing. Can sit/nap in there well!
-Is in size 1 diapers and just getting into size 3 months clothes... only due to her length! I can't believe I'm packing up her newborn clothes!!!!
-LOOOOVES bath time. Her favorite thing ever! She can sit in there for a long time just so content and relaxed.
-She's ok with bottles. Takes her a while to eat them. I need to give her more! I'm just not sure where to find the time to pump between her eating every two hours and having three other kids to tend to!
-Loves her pacifier- and prefers the biggest ones!
-Poops usually only once a day... or every other day. Not often and that hurts her tummy!
-Has a little hemangioma on her head... all our girls have them just like their daddy!

She is a little peanut like her big sister Charley Kate! I think she resembles her the most and you can just tell with her smaller features and skinny mini tummy that she is small!

Height: 23.75 inches (96%)
Weight: 10 lbs, 11 oz (39%)
FOC: 14.75 in (30%)

Her sibling's stats are...

Height: 24.5 in (92%)
Weight: 12 lbs, 5 oz (66%)
FOC: ?

Charley Kate:
Height: 23.75 (96%)
Weight: 10 lbs, 9 oz (32%)
FOC: 15 in (47%)

Height: 23.25 in (95%)
Weight: 12 lbs (72%)
FOC: 15.25 (70%)

Four kids at the well check. 
And we waited 50 minutes.
Things got a little crazy! 

Kelsey is really a sweet little thing. She's easy for momma now because I've gotten her figured out. I think she is going to be our little homebody! Soon enough she will be in the mix with all the bigs!

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Brittany said...

She's so cute! It was fun running into you at Bluefish! Super mom!!