Monday, August 29, 2016

6 and Kinder Ready!

Grrrr... I wrote this post LAST Sunday (8/21) night and published it... But it never published! Anyway, I'm not changing anything to preserve the post.. I was sitting in bed next to Jay as I wrote it... you'll see where all those feels are coming from!

It is so fitting to me that Jay turns 6 today and tomorrow we send him off to kindergarten. Can't a momma get one milestone at a time instead of lumping them together?!

So, 6. He's growing into a big boy now with big boy interests. Yes, he's still a baby to me (and the world), but being 6 is the start of real boyhood. 

Jay is so into sports right now. All of them. He gobbles up every bit of sports info given and when he has the choice what to watch, it's sports or sports center. He's loved the Olympics because not only does he get to see his beloved sports, he also gets to learn about all the countries competing. 

Which brings me to his next interest- geography.  Countries, their locations/sizes/populations, history... All of it. 

He is obsessed with hats right now. His hat collection has increased exponentially in the last 6 months. I think he had one and now has 13 or 14. We've got to get a new set of shelves for all his hats!  

He is still as social as ever- and goes to friends' houses as much as possible (or has them over here!). He is so nice and kind and funny to his friends- I love watching how much he loves them, but I also love watching how much they love him. 

He continues to be the most amazing big brother to his sisters! And you can tell how he is because they all just adore him! 

I would still classify him as bright, gentle, kind, inquisitive, caring, and a million other wonderful qualities. He truly is a one in a million kind of boy! 

And about that whole kindergarten thing. Oy. 

I am ready. I am going to be ok. Because he is so ready. I mean, so so ready.

But this is the beginning of a new chapter. Real school. All day every day in someone else's care for the next thirteen years. 

I have prepared him as much as I possibly could, but now as I am sitting next to him in bed as he falls asleep, I am thinking about all the other million things I meant to teach him before this day. 

And we went to meet the teacher last week. And he said two words to his teacher- "yes" and "ok." (Insert eye roll) 

I wanted to grab her and say, "Let me tell you all of the wonderful things about Jay! He is the best because...." and just go on and on and gush all about him. Because, well, she needs to know. And then I want to remind her to ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom or if he's too hot or if his clothes are comfortable or of his shoes are tied too tight. I want her to check and see if he's hungry or happy or whatever... I just want her to check on him! 

And of course, she will, because she's a kindergarten teacher. And she knows what to do. Not just anybody teaches kindergarten, you know. It's someone special who teaches these babies. These people have earned a special place in heaven for taking our kids and loving them and keeping the mommas happy all at the same time. 

And you know what, I DO realize that even if she doesn't check on him, he will survive. And not only will he survive, but he will grow from it. He will learn to speak up when he needs something. And he will learn to fight for what he wants. He will learn so much from being away. 

I know all of these things of course. I know it will be an absolutely wonderful year. I just do. But as I sit here watching him sleep, I just want to hang on to that last thread of baby-hood a teeny bit longer. 

Because tomorrow he will go to kindergarten. And that is one step closer to junior high, one step closer to high school, and one step closer to him flying right out of this nest into college. 

And I can tell you, I WILL be a mess for that one.

So on your sixth birthday, Jay, I am begging time to slow down just a tad bit more. I have a few more things to do with you before you take off for flight. 

I love you, buddy. My JayBird. 


Maggie Coleman said...

I LOVED everything about this post! Jay buddy you're one of a kind and your sweet momma loves you sooo much!! Go out and spread your kind heart all over this world!!!

Brittany said...

Well, this made me teary!! You are such a wonderful mom and I have no doubt that Jay will thrive in kindergarten!!