Friday, July 8, 2016

We Did It!


I won't lie, at the beginning of this four-kids-journey I wasn't certain we would survive an entire month (seriously). But I'm happy to report we have survived- and doing pretty well! I wouldn't call it thriving or kicking butt, but we are alive and relatively well!

She's the typical {Squillante} newborn... eats a lot, is pretty awake/aware, sleeps for a bit, and cries. Though I would say she does her fair share of crying. I'm thinking CK and Molly were the easiest newborns- maybe because they had a little more meat on their bones? Jay was sooo scrawny I feel like he spent the first two months of his life eating to survive. And though Kelsey was our biggest baby, she turned out to be SUPER scrawny too and is definitely in that "eating to catch up" category. So my first and my last are the ones who eat nonstop and cry a lot... Sigh...

-She's super sweet though and has some really good periods throughout the day. When she's awake and not screaming she is definitely aware and watching everyone. She absolutely recognizes my voice and reacts to it

-She eats every two hours for about 30 minutes... which is super fun with three older kids who need things and need to go places. We are doing best, but this has definitely been an adjustment for us.

-While she is a little bit of a handful during the day, she has been our easiest at night. She has required the least amount of awake time at night. She almost always falls right back to sleep after a feeding. In fact, I can count on one hand the times I've had to be up and awake with her in the middle of the night. So for that, she wins that category! I can deal with day time craziness if I can get a little sleep at night!

-I won't lie, she just sleeps in our bed with us at night. I have learned by my fourth that this works for us and I can nurse her laying down. I get some sleep and she stays asleep and we are all thriving in that sense! For naps she just sleeps where she sleeps- her swing, her rock n play, my bed, her carseat, someone's arms... whatever whenever is our motto with that!

-She seems to have a little bit of a fussy time of day (evenings) where she just prefers to nurse and be held by me. Only me.

-She only poops once or twice every other day which is SOOOO different than my others! I think this is why she tends to be a bit fussier than the others. And when she does finally poop it's almost always a blowout. We have GOT to fix this one!

-She's getting better at the eat, "play," sleep routine. When she does that she is SO MUCH easier!

-She loves to be swaddled and held tight and falls asleep the best sitting upright on my chest. Her little ear to my chest (she likes that heartbeat) and bundled and secure and some bouncing and she's out. Basically, we are recreating the womb just like all those books tell you to do. Ha.

-Her siblings adore her and are so good to her. They can't stand her crying (which is a fair amount!) but other than that, they love her and want to be with her so much! They are so sweet to her!

Kelsey at a month!
She has the big chair!

And the other kids at a month.... 
Molly and Jay have the small chairs, Charley Kate has the big chair!

Kelsey, we love you, girl! We are all still trying to figure each other out and we will get there- I promise! But keep on giving me those big, sweet blue eyes and we will definitely keep you around! :)


Brittany said...

Woohoo! One month down! Those sure are 4 cute kids in those chairs!

ChelseaSalomone said...

You're doing it! You're doing it! I'm sure these first months are the hardest and you knocked out one! She sure is cute even if she's fussy!! Fussy babies are SO challenging so I pray it goes somewhat quickly for you to the happy bigger baby stage and that can just go slow and last forever :) That's awesome she's letting you sleep at night. We've been trying B in our bed and it really didn't seem to help one way o another!! I need your tricks for nursing laying down. I have never been able to master that until they're older, I just make a giant mess. I hope your bigger kids are also letting you get some sleep. ❤️Hang in there- you're doing so great!

the blogivers said...

Congrats on surviving a month!! Keep up the good work, mama!

Natalie said...

Probiotics! That will fix the pooping and help with fussiness. I use Children's Probonix (on Amazon). It's made a HUGE difference for Jack!