Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life Lately in Pictures- Charley Kate Edition

I know, I know... What a lame way to blog. But it's all I seem to have time for anymore. But this little girl is such a doll and I need to post some of my recent favorite pictures of her.

Charley Kate does NOT lack in personality! She is our little caretaker- always thinking of everyone else first and dotes on everyone in the family. She is our most sensitive one and has a tender heart! I am loving having her home this summer- I can't believe she's off to five (half!) days of pre-k this fall! Where does the time go?!

She goes until she crashes!
 Just like her father...

The best "babysitter" we've got!

Channels her inner Tupac (which her Daddy loves!)

Collects and takes care of snails with the best of them!

Excited to help represent USA in the Olympics!

Loves selfies!

Like I said, goes until she drops!

Loves animals!

Enjoyed her stage debut at VBS this summer! 

 Loved her performance at gymnastics camp with her BFF Avery!

Keeps Kelsey entertained all the time! 

And might be a tiny peanut, but proves how tough she is!
She barely qualified (height wise) to take the swim test at the BlueBell Acquatic Center last week.
She dove right in and swam across the pool just to prove how tough she is!

"Though she be but little, she is fierce."  Charley Kate, you are awesome.


The Joiners said...

Sweet girl! She totally looks like her cousin, Sloan, in the Tupac pic!

Maggie Coleman said...

Love that little Charley Kate so much!!!

The Torno's said...

Love this, and especially the Tupac pic :)

Whitney said...

Look how fun your family look - all of that personality under ONE ROOF?! watch out now! lol.
We only have 1 kiddo for now....the day will come eventually when we want more and it'll be a lot of fun.
glad I came across your blog today!