Monday, July 11, 2016

4th of July!

Y'all, this 4th of July weekend was SO much fun!

We had a group of Moriartys come out to the ranch this year! One of the Wisconsin Moriarty families came to Texas for the week. So we had their crew, my entire family, and the other Houston Moriartys and their entire group together. The three Moriarty brothers were together... we were just missing my grandmother and their sisters (and their families!). Needless to say, at almost 40 people, it was a GREAT time!

I have tons of pictures, and it's hard to pick and choose... but I'll do my best! :)

 Grandeb on Baby Kelsey duty! 

Owen's M&M Flag!

Blow up pool fun

My cousin Pierce! 

The Moriarty sisters in law!

Water balloon fight!

Our whole group!! 

A little Pie in the Face game! 

Jay LOVED his out of town uncles/cousins. They were so good to him! 

Starting the fireworks!

This girl LOVED the sparklers!

Enjoying the fruits (mint!) of the garden!

The Moriarty brothers!

Ahhhh Uncle Bruce!

The cousins who were around... We are only missing 8! 

Some of the next generation... They had a great time together!

We were pretty proud of flag cookie!

Fish fry!

Sometimes you just can't hang on anymore...

Molly and PawPaw watching some fireworks!

Nail painting by a great aunt and big boy cousin?! Perfect!

Our crew! 

Monday the big Squill kids snuck away for the Astros game!
Not bad watching it in a suite with your friends! 

My fireworks dates for the night! 

And leaving the ranch in this peaceful state after a crazy, fun weekend!

It was so fun to have everyone out! It was HOT but we had a great time! And I had TONS of help from everyone to make it all work- Lord knows I wouldn't have been able to do it without everyone there help out!

Let's do it again next year?!

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