Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life Lately in Pictures- Charley Kate Edition

I know, I know... What a lame way to blog. But it's all I seem to have time for anymore. But this little girl is such a doll and I need to post some of my recent favorite pictures of her.

Charley Kate does NOT lack in personality! She is our little caretaker- always thinking of everyone else first and dotes on everyone in the family. She is our most sensitive one and has a tender heart! I am loving having her home this summer- I can't believe she's off to five (half!) days of pre-k this fall! Where does the time go?!

She goes until she crashes!
 Just like her father...

The best "babysitter" we've got!

Channels her inner Tupac (which her Daddy loves!)

Collects and takes care of snails with the best of them!

Excited to help represent USA in the Olympics!

Loves selfies!

Like I said, goes until she drops!

Loves animals!

Enjoyed her stage debut at VBS this summer! 

 Loved her performance at gymnastics camp with her BFF Avery!

Keeps Kelsey entertained all the time! 

And might be a tiny peanut, but proves how tough she is!
She barely qualified (height wise) to take the swim test at the BlueBell Acquatic Center last week.
She dove right in and swam across the pool just to prove how tough she is!

"Though she be but little, she is fierce."  Charley Kate, you are awesome.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Swim Team 2016

Well, swim team season 2016 has come and gone again- and it was just as fun and successful as we imagined! 

Jay had a great year! And despite me delivering a baby smack in the middle of the season, it didn't affect us too much! Thankfully we had Grandeb around to help shuffle to practices and help get ready at the meets. Lord knows we couldn't have done it without her! 

He swam in the 6&Under division again this year as a 5 year old. He earned his spot as the fastest 6&Under kid... boy or girl... in freestyle and backstroke. In fact, he qualified for Meet of Champs in the only three events they have for 6&U... mixed free relay, freestyle, and back stroke. 

He has such a beautiful and natural stroke and a competitive spirit to go with it! He is so fun to watch! 

While the bigs and Daddy/Grandma were at the very first swim meet, the little girls and Grandeb and me were at home!

First ribbon of the year!! 

Grandma and CK

Meanwhile, the littlest girls and I were at home!

This one's favorite part of meets is getting to hang with the big kids!
And they love having her!

A successful first meet! 

The second meet... against our cousins! 
My sisters and parents on the other side of the pool!

6&Under boys... Like herding cats!

 Swimming against his cousins! 

Pretending to be "tough" earlier in the day with their caps on! 

Great array of ribbons! 

This was her first meet... And this was the aftermath.
Tired and hot mommy.
Tired and hot baby. 

How we rolled at the meets. 
Moby... check
Personal fan for Kelsey... check

The family who swim teams together...

Swim team party! Jay's in there somewhere!

Meet of Champs practice! 
Pretty big pool for a little guy! 

At the Meet of Champs pool! He's pointing up to his Auntie JJ's name for the state record!
He comes by his swimming honestly!

Last year at Meet of Champs he watched his big cousins get their heads shaved into Mohawks for Meet of Champs. He asked last year if he made it to MOC this year if he could get a Mohawk, too! He remembered for the entire year, and I couldn't say no (even though his daddy wanted to!). So a few days before MOC, we went... Here is the before, during, and after!

MOHAWK for Meet of Champs! 

At Meet of Champs getting to see buddies from other neighborhood pools!

This picture so perfectly explains my father (and where I get my timeliness and where Jay gets his!)...
He got there "early" to save seats at Meet of Champs. 
So early he was the only one there.. for a long time. And he LOVED it!

Part of the cheering crew for Jay and Jack!
 Here's the Prelims Results...

I have a picture of CK napping like this! 

Getting his first medal!

This sweet little relay.. He was so mad they got 5th!

Swimming against a baseball team buddy. 
It ended up being the race of the day for 6&Under...
Jay came in second by .08 seconds! Not bad for a 5 year old swimming against this 7 year old!! 

Jay lined up and ready for his race! He seemed so tiny!

His medal count for the weekend... 2nd, 5th, and 6th!

We did find out that Jay is EXTREMELY competitive. He wanted to get all firsts, and when that didn't happen he was less than pleased! When I told him his last race he got 6th (still an awesome feat for a 5 year old!!!!), he thought I was kidding. When I explained I wasn't kidding, he ripped off his swim cap and slammed it against his leg in anger! Then he cried! ha! Love seeing a competitive side of him... as long as we can keep it in check and make sure he knows there is more than summer league swimming! :)

Anyway, fun fun year this year! And he's aiming for the record next year!

So so proud of this boy and his hard work and determination! I think he only missed one practice all season- and that's when Mom and Dad were in the hospital with new baby and grandparents were in charge! Ha!