Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two in the Bed...

I have been meaning to post about this for a few months now! Whoops!

A few months back we moved CK from in bed with Jay to in bed with Molly. She's the resident nurturer and it just made sense. Molly wasn't a great sleeper (nor were any of our other kids... I see the pattern, it was us, not them...), Jay was a phenomenal sleeper, and CK was happy to go anywhere. I figured Jay would soon want his own bed since he was the "big boy," and if CK could help Molly sleep better than it was a win all around!

So we moved the girls in bed together, and it took about three nights for it to go smoothly. There was waking up by Molly, waking by Charley Kate worried about Molly, and lots of trips up the stairs to get everyone settled by Mommy (not gonna lie, Anthony helped in none of this so I am taking 100% FULL credit for this one! Ha! But seriously...). But after three looooooong nights for this pregnant and sleep deprived momma, we made it! It's still not perfect, but Molly is doing 100 times better and is definitely "sleeping through the night" (at just two years old! Eek). I put that in quotes because she will wake up and cry out, but she is asleep through it all, so we just watch her on the monitor put herself back to sleep. Only a handful of times has she actually woken all the way up and needed something!

The first night... Poor CK got the raw end of the deal in this one! Ha

After a few weeks of establishing a good sleeping pattern, we started switching beds each night (like we did with the big kids... PS, honestly, not sure why I keep saying "we"...). So I let them switch so that CK could sleep in her own room in her own bed every other night. This is definitely a work in progress! For whatever reason (even months in!) Molly still sleeps better in her own bed! But I want CK to have time in her bed, so I will push through!

And how's the big guy doing?? Ummm... totally fine I'd say!

One of my favorite pictures... He will kill me for this one day!
My parents traveled to Europe and brought these eye masks back for the kids from the airlines. Jay slept in his a few time and it CRACKED ME UP. Beauty rest!! 

So just in time for LOTS of sleepless nights ahead, we finally got everyone sleeping! Sigh... :)

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