Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Well, this is definitely overdue, but I had to write about it!

Memorial Day 2016 was spent at our ranch! It was a fun but BUSY weekend!

The weeks prior, Brenham got record amounts of rain (seriously, almost 15 inches in ONE DAY). Because of the crazy storms, it was perfect timing to head out and check on everything. Nothing super major except a few trees down and our trampoline is JACKED. Some strong winds carried it over our fence and twisted it all around! Yikes!

This is supposed to grass. Not a lake/river!

Fields. No river/lake!

Bye bye trampoline! 

Thankfully our house is on a little hill and we have a great pond that catches all our spilloff, so all in all we were extremely lucky!

We had my family out Saturday and the kids played, the moms got stuff done and watched the kids, and the dads helped cleaned up debris and get some work done around the place. We went to a fun, super kid-friendly, laid back cajun restaurant that Saturday night and the kids had more fun than I imagined. Lots of pool playing and jukebox dancing!

The best part about cousins and lots of people around is just dropping where you drop... 

Sunday was spent getting up early (of course!), shooting fireworks (in the morning? Why not!), welcoming friends out, having porch church, fishing, cooking out, playing in the blow up pool... You know, all the typical FUN stuff! The kids had a great time and I think the adults did, too... Though they were all pretty exhausted!

One of my most favorite traditions at the ranch. 
When we are gone on Sundays and can't attend church, we have Porch Church. 
Singing, praying, communion, and a little sermon by Preacher Anthony.
These are the times where my heart just bursts! 

Almost everyone left that night, and Anthony and me got the house and kids cleaned up. Michelle and Clay stayed since he was exhausted. I joked that it was good to have her stay "in case I went into labor and we had to drive fast back to Houston!".....

.... And when I laid down at 10:00 from sheer exhaustion and couldn't fall asleep due to contractions, shortness of breath, uncontrollable cold shaking, and racing heart, I was thankful we had her stay! So I called my oldest sis (she is the most level headed medical one) and asked her opinion. I googled "Am I going into labor" which is hilarious because you think I'd KNOW by my fourth kid, and then called the on-call doc. Since I was 38 weeks and it was my fourth and we were an hour away, we figured we'd better head in. I wasn't sure if it was labor, but I did know I felt horrible and had never felt like this before. So we SPED (and I mean SPED) into Houston... It was a good thing we did because the entire drive there my contractions were between 3-5 minutes apart. They never got super painful, but they were enough to be concerning. I seriously thought we might have to pull over and deliver this baby in some teeny hospital along the way.

But we made it to Houston! After getting checked out, I was still just one cm dilated!!!! Are you kidding?! Turns out, I wasn't in labor but was severely dehydrated/worn down from the weekend. AGH. I was so bummed that it wasn't baby time, but so thankful that it wasn't because I felt so bad I wasn't sure I could deliver her anyway! Her heart rate was hovering between 170-180, my heart rate and my blood pressure were up, and I had a headache was dizzy... After a couple bags of fluids and some meds and a jillion tests run, the contractions slowed way down, and all numbers went back to normal... And they sent us on our way... we got home at 3 am!

I took this in the bathroom mirror at the hospital in case it was my last ever prego pic!

I spent most of Monday doing this... It was a necessity! 

Meanwhile, here's how the night worked out.. We drove to Houston at 10:45 and made it to the hospital around 11:30. Michelle had the kids at the ranch so that was ok, but my mom and Kiki and drove to Brenham to help her. And then my mom drove back to be here if I got in trouble! The power went out at the ranch and popped back on in the middle of the night, but all kids slept through the night and woke up at 7:15 so I'm grateful that Michelle and Kiki didn't have too much drama on their hands!
Morning wakeup at the ranch...Survival mode! 

Back in Houston, Jennifer swung by my house and grabbed my bag (not anything in there!) and baby's bag and met us at the hospital. Since we weren't having a baby she hung out for a bit then came back home. My mom went straight to our house and spent the night there.

Anthony drove back out to the ranch the next morning to close up shop there, and I met the kids at my parents' house where we cooked out and let them play and I took it easy.

I got a big nap and rested more and we called it a wrap on the weekend...

Y'all, it truly does take a village. And I am beyond appreciative of mine... Even it was a stupid false alarm. I made it through FOUR pregnancies and had ZERO hospital stays... I was SO close!


the blogivers said...

Ugh, that happened to me with Avery (not the thinking I was in labor at 38 weeks part, just the dehydration resulting in a hospital visit part) and it sucked! Sorry you messed up your streak, but glad you didn't have to deal with it with the first 3 AND glad you and baby are a-ok :)

Brittany said...

Goodness, you are a trooper! So glad you and baby are okay! So excited to hear about her arrival soon!