Monday, June 13, 2016

End of School 2016!

Where did the school year go?! Just yesterday I felt like I was sending Jay off to PreK, CK to her 3's class, and trying to get Molly to not cry at school drop off (every. single. time). And just like that, it's OVER!

Once again we were blessed with some wonderful teachers. I felt so confident sending my kids off to school on the days they went knowing that no matter what they would be loved on and cared for. I don't send my kids to school this early to learn academics, I send them to learn to play with other kids, interact with other adults, and just have fun! 

They all had end of the year performances (which were adorable!) and made some wonderful friends along the way!

I CANNOT believe that Jay is finished with preschool forever and will go to elementary in the fall! Kindergarten!? 

And equally as crazy to me is the fact that Charley Kate will be in PreK! What?! 

And Molly will be at school with CK next year and I am SO grateful for that! 

And y'all know I LOVE a good comparison pic! First day on the left, last day on the right... Not only do they grow, but their hair all gets so much darker throughout the year when they aren't in the pool every day! 

Man, time flies when you have a lot of kids! I am not sure I like how fast these years are slipping by... 

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