Sunday, May 22, 2016

Molly at 2!

Wow oh wow!

Molly is 2! As if time didn't go fast enough, these two years with her have flown by! Some days it feels like she was just born and we were just figuring out how to juggle three kids (which was crazy easy by the way... anyone thinking about going from 2 to 3 kids... do it! So so worth it!).

This girl is such a dream! She has found her place right in our family and I just love how she fits in. She has a fantastic sense of humor- she can be silly and keep us all in stitches. She talks as much as her older siblings and it makes life so much easier being able to understand her!

She LOVES babies and takes care of them like her big sister, but also likes to play with toy figures (princesses, animals, little people) like her big brother. She does a really really great job playing by herself, and listening to her have her toys "talk" to each other is the cutest!

Molly is the perfect third kid- used to being on the go and actually needs/appreciates the "downtime" in the car. A lot of days when she wakes up from nap she asks, "Where we goin, momma?" Mom fail, but at least she can be on the go!

She eats like an absolute champ (quantity and quality!) and sleeps ok. I feel like she has taken the longest to sleep the through the night (just in the last month or so has started!!) but part of that is our fault as parents- and we know it. We've just been too exhausted to work through it, so we just helped foster the bad habits. Her napping though is amazing. She naps as well as her big brother- hard and for long periods of time. I wake her every day after two hours because she would NEVER fall asleep at night.

Molly loves to sing and remembers words to seriously every single song. She might be our little performer- she certainly has the confidence. While her big brother and sister are very confident in different ways, she seems to be the most confident so far!

She loves and adores her family. Her big brother and big sister are her best friends- she loves on them all the time. She snuggles them and hugs them and talks to them. She misses them while they are at school. But she loves her mommy and daddy too! She is my buddy and has probably been the most attached to me. But her daddy is her hero right now. He can do no wrong and is the first person she asks about each morning!

She is fiercely independent has no problem sticking up for herself! If she doesn't "fight back" physically, she can scream loud and let everyone know what is going on! She will NOT be a doormat. ThankyouGod!

Thank you, God for this precious piece of our family puzzle! What an incredible blessing she has been to us. I can't even imagine our world without her in it. She adds so much to this family!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Molly girl!!

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