Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Day in the Life... With 3!

I really wanted to document our life before Baby 4 comes!

I have done this several times in the past and just love looking back at our world and how much it changes with each child!

September 2015
November 2014
April 2013
September 2011

Right now, our days hover on busy and super busy. This isn't necessarily the norm every single day, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are insanely crazy. Thankfully we have normal Mondays and Thursdays and Fridays so it balances out. I did want to document one of our busy days so I can look back and see what our world was like- and maybe remember why I was SO exhausted at 35.5 weeks pregnant with my fourth kid! Ha!

I've actually thought about not posting this, especially with that article floating around on Facebook about simplifying your kids' life... So, before you go and judge and think I'm overprogramming my kids, I can assure you that for every super busy day we have (like we had today!), we have at least 1.5 non-busy days where we just play at home and run around like we should.

But there are days that are busy and everyone seems to have something! And today was one of those days. And this past month, we have had way more of those kinds of days than ever before. I think maybe it's a taste of what it will be like with four kids...

 So we start our morning between 6:30-7:00 typically. The girls just started sleeping together, so usually Jay comes down the stairs first to our room and I get a few snuggles from him, then the girls wake up and we head upstairs to get them.

Then the kids veg on the couch and play toys/play iPad/watch cartoons while I prep breakfast and get the house ready for the day (open blinds, feed pets, etc). Yes screen time- but not always. Most days they get lots of toys out and I'm amazed at how quickly the house gets torn apart before we even leave for school! Ha!

Breakfast at the coffee table... Jay always eats the same breakfast (bacon and rolls for now, but it changes about once a year! Seriously!), and the girls and I share whatever we feel like that morning!

Then it's a mad dash to prep lunches, get people dressed, the car loaded and out the door. Luckily we don't have to leave until 8:45ish, so we've got some time. Today only Jay goes to school, so it's easier than normal! So here we are waiting in the carpool line!

After we drop Jay I quick grab the dry cleaning and then we head to a meeting I have at our church. We are currently building a new education building, and I was chosen to be on the Finishes and Furnishes committee- basically we choose every interior detail- paint color, carpet, steel beam color, tile, finishes, fixtures... EVERYTHING. We've been meeting for a year now and our deadline is June 1st so the meetings have become more frequent in the past few months. Thankfully the church typically has childcare in our nursery, so the girls go and play for a bit. I feel so guilty about this- I love being on this committee but I hate that I drop them with sitters on our days together. I feel like we should be doing wonderfully fun things. But they don't seem traumatized and it seems to be just me that it bothers  :)

The meeting is from 9:30-11:30 and then we dash back to grab Jay by 12! Carpool line again... I feel like I live in the carpool line!

Today we head to my parents' house... They are leaving for Spain this afternoon so we go over there for lunch to bid them farewell. I called my mom and she had my dad grab Chick fil a for us. When we got there I see that my sister had the same idea as us- so it's impromptu cousin time too!

We head to a doctor's appointment for Jay at 1:00- and here we are in the waiting room! Always fun...

We head home and I quick get Molly down for nap. She is easy- maybe takes 3 minutes to fall asleep!

Meanwhile we have a few hours of play time with the bigs... Barbies and Pokemon cards and whatever else! This is from about 1:30-3:15

We get ready for swim team, grab some snacks, wake Molly up and head to our second day of swim team practice for Jay. He starts now but CK doesn't start until June (thank goodness!). Luckily, while Jay practices the girls get to play in the baby pool. All three are in heaven! Jay gets to compete and swim against his buddies, and the girls get to play around with their new friends! Practice is from 3:30-4!

From there, we drive right to CK's gymnastics. This only happens on Tuesdays (THANKTHELORD), so all the kids change in the car and we head there for her class from 4:30-5:30. CK LOOOOOVES her gymnastics class and the other two have friends they get to play with while we wait, so it's a win for everyone! I also like getting to chat with the moms, so yay!

Since Jay's baseball team is now in the playoffs, one of the moms on the team decides we should paint signs for the playoff games. So we all head up to the elementary school from 6-7. The kids play and have so much fun running around while the moms do the signs.

We head home to have family dinner. Anthony gets home around 6:45-7 each night, so we eat around 7. Luckily this day I had some forethought to prep dinner early and stick it in the oven on the timer so it would be ready after our insane day. I totally forgot to take a picture during dinner, but I got the tail end of it! Chicken pot pie, green beans, and rolls!

It's now about 8:00 and everyone is beyond exhausted. We switch off taking kids to bed each night and tonight was my night to take Jaybird to bed. Brushing teeth before heading to his room.

Because of our crazy day it takes him about 5-10 minutes to fall asleep. Easy peasy.

I am so beyond exhausted but the laundry doesn't do itself. So I sort through all three kids' laundry (I have found this to be the most efficient way to keep up with their laundry!). I start the loads around 9:00ish.

While I wait for a load to finish I have some cookie butter and graham crackers, well, because... you saw my day today. I need it. :)

I finish the dishes from dinner and get the kitchen cleaned up and the house picked up (meanwhile Anthony is snoozing- not uncommon... he's the early bird and I'm the night owl...).

I fall into bed around 11:30 and do my quiet time daily Bible reading... and pass out around midnight. Just to start all over again the next day!

These are the years, right?! Ha! But really, while our lives can get chaotic and crazy, I love our time together and the memories that we are making!

And as I wrote this post, I realized that at most of the activities the kids didn't actually feel the "stress" of the activity, they just played in a new place. Some active/outdoor playing, some creative toy playing, some playing with friends... but through it all, they had a LOT of play time... which makes me feel so much better about being so busy! Yes, I'm justifying to myself, and I am feeling A-OK about it all!

So until the next update... when we add a FOURTH kid to this mix! Yikes!!!


The Joiners said...

Um, yes, cookie butter was well-deserved! I hope there were many more undocumented treats that you rewarded yourself with throughout the day :) Sounds like a fun-filled (though exhausting) day to me!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Ok yeah, you seriously have every reason in the world to be exhausted. I mean, just day to day living is tiring at our stage but add in everything else... But I think you're being way too hard on yourself! You are an amazing mom and even though you have a couple of busy days a week (like everyone!) think about it- every single thing you do is kid/family centered. You shouldn't feel the least bit guilty about any of that and equally, you shouldn't feel guilty about your veg out days to equal everything out. I hope you give yourself lots of r&r on Fridays and the kids iPads galore- haha!

Jason and Jenny said...

I love these posts! I think you are doing an amazing job!