Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

Just short of a year since Houston's last major flooding issues (Memorial Day weekend last year..), we got hit hard again this year!

Last year on Memorial Day it rained so hard for so long that the city (and specifically our area) flooded. Schools were closed and our house took on water through our back yard. Our closet was soaked and we had to replace dry wall/carpet/etc... Luckily that was IT. So many people had tons of water throughout their house- like feet of it. I didn't blog about it because it seemed so minor to compared to others (and it was!).

But this year it happened again to the city. Last week we had so much rain that just stalled over our city. Between our taking precautions to correct our problems from last year and the fact that our area wasn't the major focus this year, we fared very very well. Some around us didn't have the same great outcome, but we were spared this year. But many friends to the north and west of us suffered GREATLY. I have a friend I used to teach with who had so much water in her house that her fridge was floating around the kitchen! I can't even imagine. Friends lost everything- including cars and all possessions. One pledge sister and her family had to be rescued on a boat from their house!

Though we didn't suffer any damage, we did feel some of the effects of the rain, mainly schools being shut down! So we toughed it out here, which got a little interesting. Luckily it was just one 24 hour period of being stuck at home, but let me tell you, that was PLENTY. I'm pretty sure we destroyed every single room of the house! Ha! The good thing was that I got to nest all morning long and made so much progress prepping for Baby #4 that I actually felt good (and beyond exhausted) by the end of the day!

Out our front door

So this was actually about 5:30 am... but it looks bright because lightning struck at the exact moment I took the picture! 
How fun!

Really the only "pooling" of water we had. 
So thankful to have made out so well this year! 

About 9:00 am...

Molly's room...
Every item of clothing from a new size bin on the floor (dress up!) 
Nothing on doll house shelves
Bed torn apart...

Charley Kate's room...
More bins emptied
Wet wipes all over
Bed a mess
Barbies and animals everywhere...

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of each room, but at least you get it. Chaos all over the house. But we have a house that is dry, so I'm certainly not going to complain.

Prayers for the ones who are suffering!

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