Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life Lately (in Pics)

I have GOT to be better about writing! I LOVE looking back on my posts, but good grief, finding the energy at the end of the day to write is getting harder and harder!

We have been so busy lately and I want to remember to post pictures of just everyday, recent things...

Babies are EVERYwhere all over our house. 
All the time. 

CK working hard at gymnastics. She's the upside down one!

So thankful for such good friends in our lives!
School spirit day at school! 

Popsicle cheers! 

Just trying to keep up with her sibs on their bikes! 

 Did I mention we took a 24 hour girls trip to Round Top/Brenham?! 
It was amazing and SO SO SO needed! 
And bonus- we bumped into Jessica Robertson! 
Love these girls! 

Playing hide and seek at my parents' house! 

 I am so beyond thankful for these precious friends. 

Peacocks at the neighbor's house! 

Hello ugly veins! 
This is what it looks like at 31 weeks pregnant. AGH. 

One of our favorite afternoon activities...
climbing trees!
Not pictured is Jay who is about five branches up! Eek!

Little gym with my littlest!

 Annual crawfish boil for Anthony's team at our house! 
My pickiest eater by FAR and he loves crawfish. 
Go figure. 

The girls at the crawfish boil! 

Run for the Rose 5k
Supporting the Robertsons uncle, Jared!
These six kids are such wonderful blessings to each other. 
Thankful my best friend's kids and my own love each other so much!

After the 5k! Can't believe these boys made it the whole way (walking and running!)!

Our fam there!
Squills, Moriarty, Morris crews

 I hate not being able to see my kids enjoying different things while they are away at school. 
Thankful for wonderful teachers who take lots of pictures! 

Afternoon snuggle buddies!

Our pets are so weird. They genuinely love each other!

 This cat. In the drawer space with all the stuffed animals. 

Molly and I took a quick day trip to the ranch. 
She LOVES feeding the catfish and watching them jump up on top of the water!

Love this child. 

Anthony's parents came in for the weekend to watch games and hang out! 
The kids LOVED playing Old Maid and hanging out! 
We were spoiled to have them in! 

 Big brothers watching their little sisters' tee ball game!

We finally have monarch caterpillars! Yippee!

My sister's neighbor just got a kitten. 
My kids are slightly obsessed! 

"We want a kitten!!"
"You're about to get a baby!"

"Dis is my fwavwite!"

Strawberry picking! 

Always the sweet boy...
Jay carrying cousin Austen across the street!

I've loved getting to teach Jay's Wednesday night bible class at church! 
Here are some sweet friends after the lesson "Jesus loves the little children"

And I think that's it for now! Lots going on, lots of fun times we've had. Can't believe it's already mid April! Where does the time go!?

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