Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter 2016!

It has taken me FOUR days to write this! FOUR! Not because of the great content, but I have literally had NO time to sit and write! Ack!

Another Easter has come and gone! This year was just as wonderful as before- but was super laid back and chill (which is my favorite way to do things these days!).

Anthony had Good Friday off (and actually took it off!!) this year. So we made hay while the sun was still shining (one of those phrases I learned from my grandmother) and headed to the Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Alvin. It was about a 45 minute drive away. Honestly, he was dreading it- but I promised him it would be fun and the kids had been begging to go (and I wasn't about to brave it by myself at this point in my pregnancy- way too tired). It was a nice and uneventful time (and by uneventful I mean no major mishaps or meltdowns and things just went smoothly). Anthony was so glad we went and it was such a help having him there to corral the kids and carry them around so I didn't have to.

That afternoon we made it home and the big kids went to our neighbor's house for some Easter story fun and playtime while Anthony caught up on a few work things, Molly napped, and I ran some errands! Weekday errands with no kids? Amazing!

Friday night we headed to my parents' to hang out with them and the cousins and grill out. Everything was going swimmingly until a dog (I will disclose it was part pit-bull, and while I am more tolerant than most people with pitbulls I am also still aware and cautious) broke off from it's double pronged collar and leash and headed into my parents' yard. We had five kids playing in their cul-de-sac and two dogs out (in our own yard). The dog ran up and sniffed our dogs and was fine. When the dog wouldn't return to the dog walker (owner was out of town), I got up with Tex to try to help return the dog. As Tex and I got close to the owner, the dog charged from behind in a sprint and began ATTACKING Tex. Biting his neck and legs and shaking his head and absolutely totally attacking him. Tex was yelping and I was screaming. Knowing that it would not be smart of me to try to break up a dog fight, I started kicking the other dog trying to get him to release Tex. Then I screamed for my mom to get Anthony. It was so bad that three other neighbors ran out into their yards to see what was happening. My sister ran out and had the kids all run off, and Anthony came sprinting out. He grabbed the dog by the skin and just manhandled him to the ground. The dog got back up and went back to get Tex. Anthony did the same thing and held him on the ground until we could get a leash around him.

I will say it was one of the top three most frightening and traumatizing moments of my life. I have never been so scared! Of course, I started having some intense contractions and having trouble getting a breath. But eventually they stopped and I felt comfortable not going in or calling my doc.

Tex is ok, just a couple little bloody spots on him. Thank the Lord. If he hadn't been an 85 lb dog, he would have been gone. Long story a little shorter, we filed a police report and let them take care of the rest. It was so traumatizing for all of our kids also. Awful awful experience.

But I digress... the rest of Easter was seamless! Ha!

Anyway, after our crazy Good Friday, we got all the Moriartys who were in town to come out to the Ranch on Saturday for a pot luck pre-Easter dinner and an egg hunt! It was absolutely perfect weather and it was so fun for all the cousins to hang out together all day- they fished for about four hours, explored the trails, and just played outside. Good old fashioned fun!

One of our fields- you cannot tell but the bluebonnets are GORGEOUS! 

Jay found the tiniest stick (size of my pinky toe!) in a field and brought it to me and said, "Mom! I found Tennessee!"

This catfish weighed in at 3 lbs! 

Boots and undies.. that's how we roll! 

Just missing one cousin... Clay! 

Checking out their loot after the hunt!

Lots of little girls! 

Zip line is always a hit! 

It was super fun having everyone out, but I was EXHAUSTED all day Sunday!

Sunday we woke up and headed to early church. Once we got home we looked at their Easter baskets- the kids were super excited as you can imagine! Then we had an egg hunt in our backyard and some lunch. It is so nice to just have some nice, calm holidays occasionally :)

We caught our neighbor outside before church and asked him to snap a quick pic-
not bad for an 11 year old! 

Best buddies at church! 

Lots of sweet little friends! 

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, playing some front yard baseball, and visiting my parents. Nothing super spectacular, but a great day just enjoying our time together!

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the blogivers said...

Yikes - so scary about the pitbull!! But glad there was a happy ending for you all and Tex! And glad you had a happy Easter :)