Wednesday, April 13, 2016

America's Game

Spring means.... BASEBALL SEASON!

I am SO tardy in posting this! But baseball/softball season is upon us!

Let's start with Charley Kate since it's her FIRST organized team sport! She is playing in a precious little teeball league this year that is perfect for beginners. No outs, everyone bats through the line up, you advance one base, no score.... It's perfect for these little four year olds! And her team is ALL girls! And it's beyond adorable!

Anthony and CK's BFF's dad are the head coaches. Anthony and Jeff are also coaching the big brothers' baseball team, so they work well as a duo and are both really enjoying the differences in coaching girls/boys. For instance, in a huddle the girls actually listen. And in the dugout they just sit there. And when they are in the field, they each cover their "zone" (as opposed to the boys last year who dogpiled the ball every time it was hit!). So many differences! Plus, daddies are just waaaayyyy more patient with their little girls. It's like the pressure just isn't there.

Anyway, the girls are all four year olds and none have played any sports before. Some have older brothers and those girls definitely know what's going on! They are surprisingly aggressive and are making some legit outs! I won't lie- Miss CK is doing awesome! She loves playing pitcher and either fields the ball and runs down the batter at first base, or makes a throw to first base (and that girl usually catches it- she has an older brother who plays baseball too!). I have been amazed!

Did I mention they named themselves the Elsa Lion Flowers?! Yes, that's right. The ELFs!

First game... ready position... nailed it! 

Too large uniform shirt and pants.
Pink helmet and bat and cleats.
Elsa socks. 
And eye black. Lots of it!

Coach Daddy and Charley Kate!

 Post game huddle!

With her BFF Avery!

The "WALL" of defense. They all migrated near each other! 

Love this post game huddle... 
Molly right in the mix and Jay at the back listening in! 

Someone earned the Game ball Elsa! 

I know this is going to be such a fun season for these little girls! And I'm not gonna lie, I've loved seeing CK's aggressive side! She is a little athlete for sure!

Onto Jay's season...

So last year Jay played in the same league that CK is playing in. It was really laid back and chill. I knew he would be SOOO bored if he played in the same league (I mean, no score?! No outs?! One base!? Yeah, my little competitor would not be having that!), and there aren't any other options around us except for a more intense league (straight into coach pitch). So we sign up for the rookie division in the league near us and it's a combined prek/kinder league. It's broken up by elementary schools, and since our elementary school has so many kids playing, we have FIVE teams- which meant there was a draft! Each of these teams has only 3-4 prek kids on them, and most of the kinder boys played last year. So it was a little intimidating going in having only played the easy teeball league.

The season started out a little rocky for Jay- he just didn't know the game much and wasn't connecting with the ball like the older boys- which super frustrated him!

But we've now had five games and that kid has worked his way up the lineup and has improved more than I could have imagined! He is definitely one of the sluggers on the team and it's been a blast to watch him grow!

We love our Rays team! The kids on the team are great, the parents are wonderful, and the amount of learning and growth from these boys is remarkable! I've been so so impressed... and I was so so stressed going into it!

Coach Daddy and Jay!

The little sisters are the best cheerleaders! 

Jay LOOOVES playing catcher! 
He says it's because there is action every play. I don't blame him!

 The little sisters always have a ball together!

Jay earned the Game Ray after his last game!

We've got spirit, yes we DO! 

Even tough baseball players still like mom snuggles :)
(Don't judge how I look... I'm beyond exhausted by this point)

So yes... we've been very pleasantly surprised with this league- and it's a big commitment... generally three nights/days a week and sometimes even four!

I will say with BOTH kids' teams... Jay and CK are both having an absolute blast and love playing and practicing getting to be with their buddies. It wouldn't be happening if it wasn't fun for them... and I'm so thankful they love sports just as much as we do! Can't wait to watch the seasons unfold!

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