Wednesday, April 27, 2016

32 Weeks... With #4!

Well, here we are.... 32 weeks pregnant for the last time. 8 months pregnant for the last time.

As each minute/day/week/month passes, I feel this pregnancy more and more. I am part excited to be finished feeling exhausted (though having that newborn won't help that one!) and my body feeling weary, and part so sad to have only 8 more weeks of feeling this sweet little life inside of me. 

My body is busy telling me it is finished having babies. I always wondered how people knew when they were done. And at the beginning of this pregnancy I wondered the same thing. How would I know? And throughout the majority of this pregnancy I asked myself that question often. But as its gone along, my body is telling me over and over that this is it. I have never lacked so much energy or felt so "lazy." So many parts of me hurt- tailbone, legs, back... You get the idea. Things I have prided myself on doing (throwing parties, entertaining guests, cooking elaborate dinners, taking care of friends' kids, running 1,000,001 errands) seem to be so exhausting now. And it frustrates me because that's not my norm. But I prayed and prayed for God to help me realize when it's time to be finished, and I'd say I'm getting a pretty loud and clear answer! 

And I'm not saying it's all bad! I know I sound like I'm only complaining. I do still feel pretty good compared to so many out there! I can walk and chase the kids and cook dinner and do laundry and run all over tarnation for our various activities. I just crash really hard at night and definitely need a mid-day break to make it to 10:00 pm! And I'm a night owl so this concept of bed at 10:30 is foreign to me! 

Anyway, things are just trucking along. We are busy with baseball and tee ball, swimming, gymnastics, Little Gym and everything else tucked in between! 

Can't believe that in just a few short months we will meet this sweet baby girl!

33 Weeks! 

Jay, CK, Molly


Kate said...

It's fun hearing about your 4th and only being 4 weeks ahead of me. Fun times to come for both of us!

Jason and Jenny said...

You're doing great Momma!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Wow! You look fantastic! I SO feel ya. I'm a week behind you and this past week I feel like I've hit a wall. I hurt and I'm SO tired by early evening. Hang in there- it's going to feel like a year for us but we both know it will be fast. I can't wait to see which of your girls she looks more like and hear her name!!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

PS are you having lots of contractions? That is killing me too!

kinsey said...

What is her name?! That's my favorite part!!! 😉