Wednesday, April 27, 2016

32 Weeks... With #4!

Well, here we are.... 32 weeks pregnant for the last time. 8 months pregnant for the last time.

As each minute/day/week/month passes, I feel this pregnancy more and more. I am part excited to be finished feeling exhausted (though having that newborn won't help that one!) and my body feeling weary, and part so sad to have only 8 more weeks of feeling this sweet little life inside of me. 

My body is busy telling me it is finished having babies. I always wondered how people knew when they were done. And at the beginning of this pregnancy I wondered the same thing. How would I know? And throughout the majority of this pregnancy I asked myself that question often. But as its gone along, my body is telling me over and over that this is it. I have never lacked so much energy or felt so "lazy." So many parts of me hurt- tailbone, legs, back... You get the idea. Things I have prided myself on doing (throwing parties, entertaining guests, cooking elaborate dinners, taking care of friends' kids, running 1,000,001 errands) seem to be so exhausting now. And it frustrates me because that's not my norm. But I prayed and prayed for God to help me realize when it's time to be finished, and I'd say I'm getting a pretty loud and clear answer! 

And I'm not saying it's all bad! I know I sound like I'm only complaining. I do still feel pretty good compared to so many out there! I can walk and chase the kids and cook dinner and do laundry and run all over tarnation for our various activities. I just crash really hard at night and definitely need a mid-day break to make it to 10:00 pm! And I'm a night owl so this concept of bed at 10:30 is foreign to me! 

Anyway, things are just trucking along. We are busy with baseball and tee ball, swimming, gymnastics, Little Gym and everything else tucked in between! 

Can't believe that in just a few short months we will meet this sweet baby girl!

33 Weeks! 

Jay, CK, Molly

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

Just short of a year since Houston's last major flooding issues (Memorial Day weekend last year..), we got hit hard again this year!

Last year on Memorial Day it rained so hard for so long that the city (and specifically our area) flooded. Schools were closed and our house took on water through our back yard. Our closet was soaked and we had to replace dry wall/carpet/etc... Luckily that was IT. So many people had tons of water throughout their house- like feet of it. I didn't blog about it because it seemed so minor to compared to others (and it was!).

But this year it happened again to the city. Last week we had so much rain that just stalled over our city. Between our taking precautions to correct our problems from last year and the fact that our area wasn't the major focus this year, we fared very very well. Some around us didn't have the same great outcome, but we were spared this year. But many friends to the north and west of us suffered GREATLY. I have a friend I used to teach with who had so much water in her house that her fridge was floating around the kitchen! I can't even imagine. Friends lost everything- including cars and all possessions. One pledge sister and her family had to be rescued on a boat from their house!

Though we didn't suffer any damage, we did feel some of the effects of the rain, mainly schools being shut down! So we toughed it out here, which got a little interesting. Luckily it was just one 24 hour period of being stuck at home, but let me tell you, that was PLENTY. I'm pretty sure we destroyed every single room of the house! Ha! The good thing was that I got to nest all morning long and made so much progress prepping for Baby #4 that I actually felt good (and beyond exhausted) by the end of the day!

Out our front door

So this was actually about 5:30 am... but it looks bright because lightning struck at the exact moment I took the picture! 
How fun!

Really the only "pooling" of water we had. 
So thankful to have made out so well this year! 

About 9:00 am...

Molly's room...
Every item of clothing from a new size bin on the floor (dress up!) 
Nothing on doll house shelves
Bed torn apart...

Charley Kate's room...
More bins emptied
Wet wipes all over
Bed a mess
Barbies and animals everywhere...

I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of each room, but at least you get it. Chaos all over the house. But we have a house that is dry, so I'm certainly not going to complain.

Prayers for the ones who are suffering!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Life Lately (in Pics)

I have GOT to be better about writing! I LOVE looking back on my posts, but good grief, finding the energy at the end of the day to write is getting harder and harder!

We have been so busy lately and I want to remember to post pictures of just everyday, recent things...

Babies are EVERYwhere all over our house. 
All the time. 

CK working hard at gymnastics. She's the upside down one!

So thankful for such good friends in our lives!
School spirit day at school! 

Popsicle cheers! 

Just trying to keep up with her sibs on their bikes! 

 Did I mention we took a 24 hour girls trip to Round Top/Brenham?! 
It was amazing and SO SO SO needed! 
And bonus- we bumped into Jessica Robertson! 
Love these girls! 

Playing hide and seek at my parents' house! 

 I am so beyond thankful for these precious friends. 

Peacocks at the neighbor's house! 

Hello ugly veins! 
This is what it looks like at 31 weeks pregnant. AGH. 

One of our favorite afternoon activities...
climbing trees!
Not pictured is Jay who is about five branches up! Eek!

Little gym with my littlest!

 Annual crawfish boil for Anthony's team at our house! 
My pickiest eater by FAR and he loves crawfish. 
Go figure. 

The girls at the crawfish boil! 

Run for the Rose 5k
Supporting the Robertsons uncle, Jared!
These six kids are such wonderful blessings to each other. 
Thankful my best friend's kids and my own love each other so much!

After the 5k! Can't believe these boys made it the whole way (walking and running!)!

Our fam there!
Squills, Moriarty, Morris crews

 I hate not being able to see my kids enjoying different things while they are away at school. 
Thankful for wonderful teachers who take lots of pictures! 

Afternoon snuggle buddies!

Our pets are so weird. They genuinely love each other!

 This cat. In the drawer space with all the stuffed animals. 

Molly and I took a quick day trip to the ranch. 
She LOVES feeding the catfish and watching them jump up on top of the water!

Love this child. 

Anthony's parents came in for the weekend to watch games and hang out! 
The kids LOVED playing Old Maid and hanging out! 
We were spoiled to have them in! 

 Big brothers watching their little sisters' tee ball game!

We finally have monarch caterpillars! Yippee!

My sister's neighbor just got a kitten. 
My kids are slightly obsessed! 

"We want a kitten!!"
"You're about to get a baby!"

"Dis is my fwavwite!"

Strawberry picking! 

Always the sweet boy...
Jay carrying cousin Austen across the street!

I've loved getting to teach Jay's Wednesday night bible class at church! 
Here are some sweet friends after the lesson "Jesus loves the little children"

And I think that's it for now! Lots going on, lots of fun times we've had. Can't believe it's already mid April! Where does the time go!?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

America's Game

Spring means.... BASEBALL SEASON!

I am SO tardy in posting this! But baseball/softball season is upon us!

Let's start with Charley Kate since it's her FIRST organized team sport! She is playing in a precious little teeball league this year that is perfect for beginners. No outs, everyone bats through the line up, you advance one base, no score.... It's perfect for these little four year olds! And her team is ALL girls! And it's beyond adorable!

Anthony and CK's BFF's dad are the head coaches. Anthony and Jeff are also coaching the big brothers' baseball team, so they work well as a duo and are both really enjoying the differences in coaching girls/boys. For instance, in a huddle the girls actually listen. And in the dugout they just sit there. And when they are in the field, they each cover their "zone" (as opposed to the boys last year who dogpiled the ball every time it was hit!). So many differences! Plus, daddies are just waaaayyyy more patient with their little girls. It's like the pressure just isn't there.

Anyway, the girls are all four year olds and none have played any sports before. Some have older brothers and those girls definitely know what's going on! They are surprisingly aggressive and are making some legit outs! I won't lie- Miss CK is doing awesome! She loves playing pitcher and either fields the ball and runs down the batter at first base, or makes a throw to first base (and that girl usually catches it- she has an older brother who plays baseball too!). I have been amazed!

Did I mention they named themselves the Elsa Lion Flowers?! Yes, that's right. The ELFs!

First game... ready position... nailed it! 

Too large uniform shirt and pants.
Pink helmet and bat and cleats.
Elsa socks. 
And eye black. Lots of it!

Coach Daddy and Charley Kate!

 Post game huddle!

With her BFF Avery!

The "WALL" of defense. They all migrated near each other! 

Love this post game huddle... 
Molly right in the mix and Jay at the back listening in! 

Someone earned the Game ball Elsa! 

I know this is going to be such a fun season for these little girls! And I'm not gonna lie, I've loved seeing CK's aggressive side! She is a little athlete for sure!

Onto Jay's season...

So last year Jay played in the same league that CK is playing in. It was really laid back and chill. I knew he would be SOOO bored if he played in the same league (I mean, no score?! No outs?! One base!? Yeah, my little competitor would not be having that!), and there aren't any other options around us except for a more intense league (straight into coach pitch). So we sign up for the rookie division in the league near us and it's a combined prek/kinder league. It's broken up by elementary schools, and since our elementary school has so many kids playing, we have FIVE teams- which meant there was a draft! Each of these teams has only 3-4 prek kids on them, and most of the kinder boys played last year. So it was a little intimidating going in having only played the easy teeball league.

The season started out a little rocky for Jay- he just didn't know the game much and wasn't connecting with the ball like the older boys- which super frustrated him!

But we've now had five games and that kid has worked his way up the lineup and has improved more than I could have imagined! He is definitely one of the sluggers on the team and it's been a blast to watch him grow!

We love our Rays team! The kids on the team are great, the parents are wonderful, and the amount of learning and growth from these boys is remarkable! I've been so so impressed... and I was so so stressed going into it!

Coach Daddy and Jay!

The little sisters are the best cheerleaders! 

Jay LOOOVES playing catcher! 
He says it's because there is action every play. I don't blame him!

 The little sisters always have a ball together!

Jay earned the Game Ray after his last game!

We've got spirit, yes we DO! 

Even tough baseball players still like mom snuggles :)
(Don't judge how I look... I'm beyond exhausted by this point)

So yes... we've been very pleasantly surprised with this league- and it's a big commitment... generally three nights/days a week and sometimes even four!

I will say with BOTH kids' teams... Jay and CK are both having an absolute blast and love playing and practicing getting to be with their buddies. It wouldn't be happening if it wasn't fun for them... and I'm so thankful they love sports just as much as we do! Can't wait to watch the seasons unfold!