Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Rodeo 2016!

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know my affinity for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It brings back soooo many memories from childhood- elementary through high school. We would go all the time growing up and it NEVER disappointed! I then passed along my love to my college friends who would drive in with me to go. And then it carried over post-college into my young professional years and then my newlywed years. Now I get to spread that love to my children!

I LOVE the livestock show with the kids! There is SO much to do- TONS of animals, petting zoos, pony rides, carnival rides, fair food... you name it, they've got it! And we sure tried to squeeze it all in this year! There is just never enough time (or really, never enough energy from the moms!).

The livestock show was a little tricky these past few years because we have a crew of baby cousins who enjoy the inside livestock show more and some older cousins who enjoy the carnival/fair side more. We tried to do both, but there's just no way to get it all in!

Not only did we hit our favorites this year, but we also got to add a new element in- MUTTON BUSTIN' for Jay! For those of you not familiar with crazy rodeo traditions, it's where kids ride a sheep (just like bull riding!) and try to hang on as long as they can! It's HYSTERICAL!

Jay has watched it for the past few years and has seen some older buddies do it. He was DETERMINED he was going to do it this year... but he weighed TOO MUCH for it! I heard that the Mutton Bustin at the livestock show was a lot more relaxed than the MB inside the real rodeo, so we decided to try for it! The weight limit is 35-55 lbs and the ages 5-6 years old. This would be his only shot. He weighed in the morning of at 57.4 lbs- and that was pre-breakfast and only shorts and undies. Yikes.

We headed out to the MB line and waited forever- and it was finally our turn. They made him step on the scale and he was 60.4 lbs!!!!!!!! The sweet girl just looked at me and said, "He just had a really big breakfast, right??" God bless that girl! I owe her BIG! I wouldn't have particularly cared either way, but sweet Jay has been talking about it every day, wore his "mutton bustin" clothes, and even said a prayer the night before asking God to please let him go. This girl has no clue what she did for us!

So he gets the second to last spot in line (!!!) and waits! He was soooo cute just watching and waiting- and SO excited!

Then it was (finally!) his turn! He was ready! And that sheep busted out of the gate... and then realized its load was TOO HEAVY and just couldn't run anymore! Jay hung on for dear life sweet boy- and even when it wasn't going he was still holding on! Ha! Guess there is a weight limit for a reason... oops!

Even still, he was so proud! Waved to the crowd, and walked around like a boss! The best part was a few friends from school happened to be there watching and got to see him and his little buddy (from birth!) also got to do it at the same time!

Melt my heart! He seems SO old here! 

I swear these two are destined to get married one day... 
Or at least be prom dates?!

He had a HUGE crowd cheering for him and I'd be lying if I said my heart wasn't bursting at the seems and a few tears streaming down my cheeks! Ahhh I love that boy!

The rest of the day was filled with FUN FUN FUN... and we were all beyond exhausted afterwards! Chasing three of my own kids plus helping chase cousins around and trekking it all over the dang livestock show at 27 weeks pregnant is no small feat. Seriously. My body was tired ALL DAY LONG! But it was worth it... especially that giant cinnamon roll at the end! Heehee

Another fun thing about the HLSR is the rodeo part is actually SO much fun! We've only taken the kids to the livestock show, but the past two years I have taken Jay inside to the big rodeo! It's HUGE- it's at NRG Stadium where the Texans play and is often sold out. They have a full world-famous rodeo and then a concert to follow. The concert has had HUGE names.... George Strait, Garth, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Keith Urban... seriously, everyone.

I have loved my (now yearly) date night with Jay to the rodeo. It's so special and he truly loves watching the events! Plus, he's SUCH a good sport to take anywhere- just walks a million miles and never complains! It's so fun and been so special!

Can't skip sausage on a stick!

This kid can EAT. A TON!

Until next year rodeo...

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