Thursday, March 3, 2016

Molly Lately

I feel like I've been so focused on the blog about the big kids and their activities and the baby and all the things going on with the pregnancy, that I haven't taken the time to write about how amazing Molly is right now!

She is in the heart of the BEST stage! The one where they are learning all the time and saying new things EVERY day! I just LOVE this stage!

The other day the big girl cousins (CK and Austen) were running around playing and I said "Hey girls! Who wants to go in the playhouse?" And CK answered, "Me!" and then Austen said, "Me too!" and then Molly (following right along because she thinks she's just as big as those girls) said, "Me three!" What?? Like when did she know how to correctly use slang sayings?! I almost fell over!

And she is LOVING school these days! She just walks in, drops her pacifier, "blanklet," and lunch box in her cubby and waves bye and starts playing. Ohhhhh what a change from the beginning of the year! She loves her friends and her teachers and most of all the singing in chapel!

I know all parents think their kids are so bright, but really, she is such a smart little cookie. I think it's a lot of smarts naturally and a lot of "worldly" smarts, too. She gets to see and experience so much more with older siblings that she knows so much! It's so fun to watch! But also frightening because the other day she dropped her popsicle on the ground outside and yelled, "Ohhh crap!" SHEESH. That is definitely mommy's fault!

She is our feistiest by far- she will do what she wants, when she wants, and if she is told no she will let you know just how unhappy she is! It's not even a crying tantrum like her big sis, it's a MAD tantrum. Someone inherited her momma's temper!

But she's also such a lovey little buddy for me. She would be the perfect "baby" of the family. She is so go with the flow and loves to be on the go. She rides in the car well, she acclimates to wherever we are- she is just EASY. And snuggly (especially to her momma)!

She is a buddy to all- she loves being around people- but especially her family. She is so trusting and loving of all of her grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. She just LOVES relationships- even with Tex!

And food. She loves food. A lot. She eats pretty much anything and prefers the grown up ways to eat things. Like when we make tacos at home, Jay likes his totally deconstructed, CK likes hers a certain way, but Molly will just eat however we are eating it- all the veggies and spices and all! She prefers sandwiches with lots of "stuff" on them, she likes burritos with all the flavors, loves crazy soups, loves to share my salad. I pray she will keep this up- it's SOOOOOO easy!

This girl is seriously a HOT MESS and we couldn't love her more if we tried. She has been the BEST addition to our family- she's got personality that rivals the rest of us put together!

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