Monday, March 21, 2016

28 Weeks, for the 4th Time!

Gah, here I am at 28 weeks! The days and weeks seem to go by faster and faster. I wish I could slow down time for so many reasons!

It's wild to me to think this is my last go round of pregnancy. It's also crazy that I'm officially in my THIRD trimester! What?! When my pregnancy app popped up and said "Welcome to your third trimester!" I about fell over! And I took that glucose drink down like a champ at my appointment today! 

I am feeling good. My tailbone is starting to hurt, and I am seriously crazy tired these days, but I guess that's just par for the course. I've gained about 13 lbs so far, and have 12 weeks left, so that would put me right around the same amounts I've gained each pregnancy. I think due to the tiredness I have definitely noticed I've been grouchier/less patient than normal. Which I SUPER hate because I know I am but just can't get out of this little funk! Also, veins, contractions, pressure... Blech! But BP is staying good, baby's heart rate is healthy, and that's pretty much all I can hope for now!

The kids are keeping us busier than ever and that's what makes this pregnancy fly by! But I can honestly say I'm enjoying each and every kick and movement this sweet girl is giving me! I will absolutely miss this feeling! I adore feeling her kick and stretch and punch and flutter. I wish I could bottle that up and just have it again every once in a while for the rest of my life!

Jay, CK, Molly

Alright, here's to the rest of month 7! 


the blogivers said...

Lookin' good, mama!

Maggie Coleman said...

You look great!! Can't wait to meet baby squill #4!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Can't believe you are on month 7! Wow!! It has flown by. You look so good and are so tiny. 13 pounds- girl!!! You are killing it. Glad you're feeling well. Any more progress on her name?