Tuesday, February 2, 2016

White Christmas!

So it's February and I'm FINALLY blogging about our wonderful Christmas... Sigh...

We had such a fun Christmas this year!

It was our kids' first ever WHITE Christmas! We took a Moriarty Family Christmas trip to Breckenridge!

Everyone but my oldest sister's family came with- we missed them so much but the group of 15 of us had the best time!

We left the Monday before Christmas. Packed up our four HUGE suitcases, loaded our car, and hauled to the airport. We checked in and met everyone at the gate. To say the kids were excited to get on an airplane with their cousins and grandparents is an understatement!

We loaded on the plane- we took up four rows- 12 of us. Michelle and Scott and Clay were coming from Dallas and meeting us in Denver.

Needless to say, Molly hopped all over the plane- her forte is NOT sitting still! Then we met up with the Lonergans in Denver, grabbed our luggage, and waited for our shuttle (2.5 more hours!!) to Breck!

We finally got to our cabin in Breckenridge and it was SOOO good to be done traveling! The kids were so happy to run around and be crazy and the parents were excited to spread out. The kids loved exploring the huge cabin and had a blast playing hide and seek... until Austen hid in the pantry and bumped a shelf and it crushed her finger. It was bleeding and completely crushed so Aaron and Kiki and Austen headed to the ER (in Uber because we had no car). Turns out she would need surgery while we were there (two days later)... Great start!

The next day we all got up, ate a good breakfast, and got dressed to head to the slopes. PS- living in cold weather with kids is NO JOKE. I am amazed that mothers ever get out with their children. I think I would hole up for the winter and never leave (and then go crazy!). It takes so much work to put on a jillion layers and head out the door. And by the time you get out the door you are sweating profusely! Ack!

Anyway, we dropped the kids in ski school, put the babies in day care, and headed to the ski lift! Both my girls cried at drop off (sigh) and Jay was definitely nervous. But we were ready! It was supposed to be the grown up ski day- but Kiki had Austen at the doctor, Michelle had a migraine, and Mom and Dad stayed back to help her. Soooo it ended up being me and the guys. Sweet. They were SO sweet to go slow and wait for me. And after a few runs I sent them off by themselves to go fast while I stayed on the greens and easy blues. I felt comfortable skiing at that point in my pregnancy. I'm glad we didn't go a month later because I definitely wouldn't have skied!

PawPaw waiting with the babies

I must say, you can tell the Squill kids have Iowa and Wisconsin blood in them!
They LOOOOOVED the snow! 

Molly and me in the gondola up to the base! 

Day date on the slopes! 

Lunch break on the mountain!
We all got Snickers that perfectly described us! Too funny!

The brothers--in-law. So thankful these guys have each other!
And the weather? It was about 15 degrees this day and SNOWY. SO COLD. 

Jay at ski school!

CK at ski school.

Heading home from the slopes for the day. Jay was BEAT. 

Crafts before dinner! 

The next day was another day of ski school for the big kids. We sent the boys out in the morning and the girls took the afternoon shift. We all met up afterwards for hot chocolate on the mountain. Unfortunately during the girl ski time my mom fell and twisted her ankle. She had to be skied down the mountain by the medic (haha!). I think she forgot her body wasn't as strong as it was the last time she went skiing- almost 20 years ago! She was a trooper though!!

That night we nursed Mom's ankle and Austen's hand. Michelle was feeling better and Anthony had a pretty nasty cold. People were dropping like flies I tell ya!!! Dinner was great and we all had a fun time hanging out together at the cabin!

Ready for the hot tub! 

The next day was Christmas Eve and we all took the day off. We played in the snow, went sledding, and eventually took a Christmas Eve Sleigh Ride courtesy of my parents! We got back and had dinner, read Twas the Night Before Christmas, took PJ pictures, and got ready for Santa. It was honestly the perfect Christmas Eve! Such a fun day together!

Baby Brigade!

Miss CK and Austen

Jay "helping"

Watching the sledders 
(my kids are obsessed with their aunts and uncles!)

Anthony and CK sledding! 

Scott was a great sport with Jay! 
And Jay LOVED sledding! He ran up that hill over and over and just flew down! 
He's such a boy and I love it! 

The only pic from the actual sleigh ride. Good ol' Aaron!

Our little fam by the fire! 

Our whole group! 
This was so so fun!!!

Stockings hung!!! 
Cookies and cider out for Santa and veggies for the reindeer!

Cousin PJ pic! 

Christmas morning we woke up and had so much fun watching all the kids find Santa gifts!

Waiting to head into the room to find what Santa brought!

Best photobomb ever! Jay in the back and CK's jump! Girl's got ups!

That afternoon the Fountains and Scott and Anthony and Jay headed to the slopes. Jay's first time on the big slopes and he did AWESOME!!!! I'm so so proud of that kid! He had a blast and loved getting to be big with Daddy! Meanwhile we played with the girls and Clay! It was nice to be in the cabin and just hanging around!

I'm so proud of Jay! He did so great! And so thankful for all the grownups who helped him and recorded it! I just am so thankful!

Saturday the 26th was our last full day. We decided to stay in from skiing and just hang out together around town. Breckenridge is an adorable little town and it was so nice that we could walk everywhere. There was a playground/park nearby and my kids were amazed that it was covered in snow. It as a gorgeous (yet cold!!!) day, but they loved going down the slide and playing! We drove around a little and walked a lot!

The next day we headed out to the airport. The travel was about a jillion times easier this day- Molly slept on the plane! I think everyone was so exhausted that the ride home was just very chill. It was great to be back home and in our own beds. We even stopped and got our favorite Mexican food on the way home (a week is too long without!)!

We are thankful for the opportunity to spend a week in a beautiful place doing super fun things with some of our favorite people. It was a trip to remember- even with all the things that went wrong along the way. There is just nothing quite like family time. We loved staying up each night after the kids went down playing games together and talking. We loved intermixing the families and everyone loving on everyone's kids. And we loved the fact that we got to expose our kids to something wonderful- an activity that I grew up doing and something that Anthony has come to love so much!

We can't wait to do it again... in about four years! Ha!

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