Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Story of Broken Bones

Soooo if we are friends on FB or Insta, you definitely have an idea of what has been going on with our little crew these past few weeks- namely Jay.

Exactly a week after Jay learned to ride his bike without training wheels, Anthony decided it would be fun to take him to "ride some trails and hills" on the bayou while I was home with the girls. I was actually upstairs putting Molly down for nap when they went. Anthony came upstairs a little bit later and said, "I need to talk to you. We had a little bike accident."

Oh geez.

The rest of the conversation went a little something like this...
"I know. I took him on the bayou and made him go down a hill and he fell."
"He can't go down a hill on the bayou! He just learned how to ride his bike!"
"I know. I get that now. It was my mistake. I made him and I really regret it!"
"So what happened? What is wrong with him?!?"
"Well, he says his wrist really hurts. And he has a bloody nose."
"Ugh. I'm going to see him."

So I rush downstairs and find him on the couch- dried tears, dirty body, holding his wrist... and then I see his FACE! HIS NOSE! I looked at Anthony and said, "HIS WRIST?!?!? LOOK AT HIS NOSE!!!!" It was crooked. And swollen.

The bridge is crooked. CROOKED.
Apparently the handlebar hit him in the side of his bridge and just knocked it out of place! YIKES.

I put some ice on his wrist and tried to feel it or have him bend it and move it around. It wasn't too swollen, so I really wasn't convinced it was actually broken. But his nose. Agh. I made him lay on lap and put ice on it and gathered my thoughts. I needed a plan. I would take him in to the urgent care clinic. Could they even do anything or should I just wait and see a specialist tomorrow. As I waited he complained more and more about his wrist- never once complained about his nose.

We went to the children's urgent care clinic. We walked in and the waiting room was FULL and full of screaming, crying, running around kids and kids who were laying there vomiting into bags. I just wanted to crawl in a hole. We went to the desk to check in and the lady told me it was gong to be between 1.5-2 hr wait. No thank you.

We turned right back around and headed to the car. We drove down the road a bit to another urgent care clinic (not a kids one).

In and out in 30 minutes (THANKYOUVERYMUCH) and we had a fractured nose diagnosis and a probable sprained wrist. The oncall doctor said, "I don't see any fractures, but I will admit, I don't know much about reading children's X-rays. I will have the radiologist read them and call you in the morning." I am so appreciative she could admit when she wasn't sure and follow up with someone else. So we left with a sling and nothing else.

He's thrilled clearly.

We "played" as much as we could that afternoon. Anthony felt beyond awful. Jay was a stinking TROOPER. Never complained. Just kept trucking. That boy is amazing.

The next morning we headed to the ENT. I checked his nose out when he woke up and I could tell that his nostril was a different size also. Agh.

A quick look from the doc confirmed the fracture and ruled out any internal damage (THANKYOUJESUS). I was soooo scared he was going to want to reset it right there in the office. I know I have a certain amount of "Mom Strength" but I wasn't sure I had this kind of strength. Thankfully he laughed and said they don't do that kind of stuff anymore and that they would put him under in a week to set it in place. Praise God!

Leaving that appointment the radiologist from the urgent care called and confirmed it was indeed a fracture and we needed to follow up with a orthopedic surgeon for him. Sigh....

Wednesday of that week we headed there. They took more X-rays and confirmed the buckle fracture. They said we'd be in a cast for three weeks! More sighs... He wanted a camo cast and they didn't have any (boo!). His second choice was Aggie Maroon! I showed him all of the colors just to make sure and he definitely wanted the maroon! They asked us next if we wanted it to be waterproof for an extra $70- UM YES PLEASE!!!! Who would say no to that?!?!

A permanent Gig 'Em for three weeks!!

The next few days we hung out and just got used to our new norm! Y'all, I'm not kidding when I say this boy was amazing. He just never complained and never fussed. The only times he would say anything was when his motrin wore off and his wrist hurt. And the only time he cried was when we told him he couldn't play basketball anymore this season. He just cried and cried. Poor baby. He LOVES basketball and he's SO good at it. This one really broke my heart.

That following Monday we woke Jay up at 530 and headed into the surgery center. The people there were absolutely incredible and we were home by 830!! We talked with Jay about it quite a bit and prepared him. He wasn't scared and as he walked away from us, I started to get a little choked up- and then I looked at Anthony and saw him- he was totally crying! So this momma stayed strong for both her boys!

He was SO mad at his surgical top colors (pinks and purples!) and his pink mask and his hat! Ha!

When they called us back to recovery (so so so fast!) and I saw him in and out of consciousness, I definitely cried then. It was almost a release of the emotions I had been holding in were finally able to let loose. And seeing your baby lying there with tubes is just the worst- and this was for such a SMALL thing. I can't even imagine those parents who have to see it all the time in their kids. My heart just aches for them.

Anyway, the best was walking into see him. I bent down and kissed his head and said, "Hey buddy. How are you? You did great! I love you!" and he answered (eyes closed!!), "Mom, did you win any new guys for me on Dumb Ways to Die (an iPad game)??" That boy!!! First words out of his mouth! STINKER!!! I died laughing!

He had his popsicle, got all his needles and monitors out, and we were outta there!

They told me to expect sleepiness from him for the next 24 hours and a very low appetite. Wellllll.... We got home and I sent the girls to school with Anthony. I got ready to snuggle up to Jay (and take a nap myself!). He started requesting tons of food (bacon, rolls, more bacon, yogurt, juice, more food!). I tried to start him out slow but that kid was like an empty pit- just kept eating! So once his belly was full I made him go lay down in my bed and snuggle up to me- and that lasted a good ten minutes before he was starting to bounce off the walls. He wanted to jump on the trampoline, ride his bike, go play with friends, etc etc etc! Eesh!  I tried all the nice quiet activities I could think of- playing Uno, iPad, puzzles, Wii, more card games and more... Nothing was helping.

My sister dropped Molly off, my other sister brought him a cupcake, my mom had been in and out, we quick picked up CK, and then I finally convinced him to lay down while Molly napped. He eventually fell asleep (FINALLY!). His little body really needed it!

So that's where we stand. We are just adjusting to keeping his nose safe and dry, and trying to get all his energy out without hurting him anymore! That first Monday night he managed to knock his nose cast off while he slept. We went into the doc the next day and he said we now hold the record for the SHORTEST amount of time a nose cast has been kept on. It was previously three days. Five days is the norm for little boys. And ours was less than 24 hours! Ha!

On a positive note, he has gotten REALLY good at dribbling with his left hand and is now dribbling even better with his right hand since he realized he should be using his fingertips more! He's got a nice little lefty shot and has mastered coloring and writing with his right hand in the cast.

This boy is the toughest, most positive little patient out there. I am so impressed with him. It's just a new little part of his life- no complaining and he just figures stuff out. I have loved having a little extra time with this kid- what a special guy!


the blogivers said...

I was wondering when we would get the full story on the blog! Poor little guy... glad he is staying tough and recovering well though!

Courtney Bullen said...

What a tough cookie! Way to go Jay!

Leonardo said...

Great courage! We had a similar experience while Jenny was taking care of our daughter and I was taking care of our son, Matthew. Matthew and I were playing basketball and one thing led to another, soon enough we were in the Urgent Care taking care of Matthew's nose. He lasted six days before knocking off the cast, wa-hoo!