Sunday, February 28, 2016

24 Weeks with #4!

I had my 24 week doctor's appointment last week and though it seemed crazy to already be at 24 weeks, it didn't hit me how far along I am until she said, "So, the glucose test is the next visit and then it's every two weeks after that!" I'm sorry, what!?

That just about did me in. 24 weeks is far along, but 16 weeks to go still sounds like a long time left. But having the glucose test? That makes it seem like it's almost the end! Time to register at the hospital? That makes it seem like it's almost the end! And having appointments every two weeks and then once a week after my next one? THAT definitely makes it seem like it's almost the end! How in the world did I get so far along?! Didn't I just announce this pregnancy to everyone like last week?

So I'm feeling pregnant. And as pregnant as I feel, I'm not super miserable. I was reading back about my other pregnancies, and while most have been the same, I'm thankful for lack of tailbone pain this time (none so far!!) and lack of carpal tunnel (none so far!) and lack of leg cramps (not many so far!).

The kids have felt her kick now which was by far the highlight of the past few weeks. They LOVE this and their excitement keeps me excited! I've been feeling her for a bit now, and it's just as special to me as it was with her older siblings. But when the bigs get to feel her it means so much more!

We still don't have a name. We like a few, but honestly haven't thought too too much about it. I guess that's what happens when you are on number four. People keep asking me how this pregnancy is going and it's going totally fine- but like I've said before I often forget I'm pregnant because we have SO much going on right now. She is a typical fourth kid and I can't wait to see how she is outside my tummy- because she is certainly super easy INSIDE! :)  (And if she's anything like my little sister then she will be just as easy on the outside- hope!!)

So we are just plugging along in the midst of all things life right now. I'm definitely getting pretty tired each day but feel like I'm doing a better job of taking life a little slower than normal. I know I need to take care of me so that I can take care of all of them. And it won't do me any good if I'm laid up in bed for the rest of this pregnancy, so if I can rest throughout the day or take some time to just sit each day it will be better for everyone in the long run.


Brittany said...

You look great! Can't believe you are already 24 weeks!

Jenni said...

You look great!! I bet the next 16 weeks will just fly by...for us outsiders at least!