Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Last 20 Weeks Prego Post!

I'm trying to remember that even though this pregnancy is flying by, it is my LAST and I want to remember everything about it!

So yes, it is FLYING by! I'm already halfway through! Halfway!

I'm feeling pretty great- just what you'd expect at 20 weeks pregnant with your fourth. Not a ton of energy, but compared to that first trimester I feel like I'm able to run a marathon. I definitely get pretty exhausted every day- and if I can't rest during the day, then I'm out super early at night.

I had our 20 week appointment this week, and it was extra fun because my mom came with me! Since we got a great ultrasound, I thought it would be fun for her to come along- and it didn't disappoint! The tech confirmed it was a still a girl (!), and we got to see just about every square inch of her teeny body. She's measuring right on (a little ahead, but nothing major), and is HEALTHY. We saw her little hand covering her face, she was moving and wiggling and stretching. Her heart is strong and her brain was just growing away. It was such a sweet appointment

I've gained about 5 lbs total for the pregnancy (I always lose and stall in the first trimester). As long as I take some breaks to sit and rest throughout the day my body does ok. But if I'm on my feet for too long then my back is in a lot of pain and the pressure is crazy. Veins are continuing to pop up in random places and my fingers just barely started swelling this weekend (not a ton- just a teeny amount).

I've felt a few flutters and pops and stretches- but not super consistent. I would say this past week it's been almost every day- but she's definitely taking it easy on me. Between her movements and her ultrasound, she seems to be the most laid-back by far! Hopefully that will hold true for when she's here! The kids are super anxious to feel her, but she's not close to that stage yet!

Overall, things are going well. I'm so thankful for the health of both of us- it's something I never take for granted!

20(ish) weeks with #4!

20(ish) weeks with Jay, CK, Molly

And the other day when I was actually 20 weeks, I had the kids try to take pics of me- it was a blurry fail, but Jay desperately wanted to "pose" me. So he made me stand with his basketball since "your belly is almost the same size as my basketball!" Ha! So I had to post them!

He would NOT let me stand sideways with it- so this is what we got! Silly sweet boy!

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The Joiners said...

Ha, the basketball pictures are too funny!! Glad all is going well with baby girl!