Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's A(nother!) Girl!

Gosh, I'm embarrassed at the fact that I never blogged about finding out the sex of our newest baby!

So, in case you missed the title or any of my social media posts...


Mercy! More estrogen! Ha!

We actually had such a fun time finding out! We had the blood test done back in November (!!!). I got the results back in the middle of December, but didn't open the envelope. In fact, I didn't even tell Anthony I had the envelope because I knew he'd try to convince me to open it! And I wasn't ready- I had a plan! I thought since this is our last baby, it would be so neat to do something fun to find out. So we (not really "we"... Anthony was desperately trying to just find out asap!) decided to wrap up the results and open it on Christmas morning!

I took the results just two days after receiving them and some boy and girl things (baby blankets, candy, decorations, etc) to my BFF, Courtney. I asked her to open the envelope and find out what we were having and wrap up the correct gender stuff in a Christmas present. She kept the "other" gender stuff until we got back. She dropped the gift off a few days later! It sat out on our bookshelves for a while and Anthony (and everyone else) had no idea that it was "THE GIFT." I packed it in our suitcase for our Christmas trip (another thing I haven't blogged about yet... sigh...).

Christmas morning came and we did all the Santa gifts with the kids. Then my sisters and mom were about to BURST waiting! So we went and got the gift and had our kids gather around.

And then the moment we were waiting for.... A GIRL!!!!

Soooo... I had a little bit of (happy! scared?) tears, Anthony was THRILLED, and sweet sweet Jay... he was SO upset! He looked shocked and then got up and immediately ran out of the room. He laid under the bed crying, then on the bed crying... sweet sweet precious boy. I didn't even THINK of the fact that he might be unhappy with the results and it might RUIN his little Christmas! Ugh... Mom of the Year, people!

Everyone congratulated us, then we went in to check on sweet Jay. He was so sad. And I TOTALLY get it. I tried to explain how wonderful it would be, and how much he and his daddy would love getting to spend time together... But no one could comfort him quite like his daddy in this particular situation. The beginning of the BOY times. I'm so thankful that Jay has a wonderful daddy to comfort him and love him and know who he is. I'm also thankful that my girls get to know a daddy who loves them and builds them up and takes top spot in their lives until he's ready to pass that torch on.

Anyway, in case you want, here is the entire (minute long!) video of us finding out!

We had so much fun and we are still in complete shock! I am so thankful my girls get to have another sister! I am so thankful for another (healthy!) daughter! Anthony is so glad he gets another little princess to worship him. And he's so glad I will get more use out of all those girl clothes!!!!!

My fears? Oh I so badly wanted Jay to get his "buddy." A partner in crime for the rest of his life. I know how wonderful it is to have sisters, I can only imagine it's equally as wonderful for brothers to have each other. I also worry about the future- the days when Jay is married and we have another "sister" in our family. I hope she always feel included and like she is "one of us." I will gladly welcome another daughter and I hope she realizes that. And weddings? Yikes! And the drama? Here we go! Surprisingly, I don't remember lots of drama between my sisters and me growing up- like I can't think of any times other than the typical "She wore my shirt and didn't ask!" type of things.

It is all going to be wonderful. And I know with 100% certainty this is exactly what God knows is best for us. I cannot WAIT to see His plan unfold for our family!

Here we go- MORE PINK!!!!!


Maggie Coleman said...

This makes me so happy every time! Jay is such a special little boy and I am thrilled that he will always be the king. Get ready baby number 4 because you have two of the sweetest sisters :). XOXO

Brittany said...

I love this post!! What a fun way to find out! And sweet Jay… Those sisters are lucky to have such a great big brother!