Monday, January 18, 2016

A Look Back Part 6... Version 4!!

Written 11/30/15

Ok, here we are- 12 weeks along today! We had our 12 week appointment and it went wonderfully.

As soon as we got back in the room (after waiting 45 minutes!) we started the ultrasound. As soon as that precious pumpkin popped up on the screen, tears just started rolling. There is nothing as wonderful as seeing your baby healthy and active. It was moving all over and stretching and that little heart was just pumping away! I looked at Anthony's face and he was just as excited. First kid or fourth, it's still incredible!

Sweet little profile!! 

Little frog legs! 

As soon as the appointment was over we did some bloodwork (health and finding out the sex!). I headed home to a normal day with the kids (they still don't know!).

Right after naps I mailed our Christmas cards out to our friends and family- this is the way we are telling people first! We have hardly told anyone- so if you found out via Christmas card this was all part of the plan and the way we wanted to do it! It's our last baby so we had to go out with a bang! We will tell the social media world in a few days... and we will tell our kids tomorrow! Can't wait!

Front of our card!

Back of the card!!

Always a fun day seeing our babies on "TV"... and today was no different! Eeeek! Here we go!

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