Friday, January 1, 2016

2015: Year in Review

I seriously cannot believe 2015 is over. I feel like I'm stuck back in March... but it's really over!

2015 was a wonderful year and a tough year. A blessed year and a sad year. Here is our year in review...


We rang in the new year with friends!

We cheered on our Packers!

Molly began Gymboree!

Charley Kate began ballet!

Jay continued to become ALL BOY

Treasure put a rock up her nose!!

February was by far our toughest month....

One of our dear friends from college was diagnosed with Leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant

Molly got to meet great grandmother Grammy for the first time! 

Charley Kate turned 3!!!!!

(and began her love affair with pedicures!)

Jay got the flu...

We tried to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early...

My grandmother MeeMaw passed away

But in typical form we all come together in times of crisis
(Wearing MeeMaw's nightgowns in her signature color)

Jay got the stomach bug (the BAD one)...

...and so did Charley Kate...

...and eventually Molly did too!

We managed to get well enough to see the Trail Riders for a few hours


The girls took a quick trip to Dallas to see the Iveys and the now-Texan Lonergans!

 Jay and Mommy had a date to his first rodeo!

 We fed wild animals (NBD)

Rodeo date nights with good friends!

Jay started TeeBall 
(be still my heart- probably my favorite pic of these two!!!)


Charley Kate (and her two very BFFs!) had their first ballet recital! 

Anthony successfully chaired the first ever Live Beyond (Haiti mission) Houston Fundraiser!

We celebrated Easter!

We went to Galveston with Grandeb!

I had my first weekend away in a year! It was glorious and made even better that it was with my BFFs from college celebrating our sorority, Chi Omega's, 40th anniversary at Texas A&M!

I hadn't had that much fun in a LONG time. 

We went strawberry picking!

We celebrated Mom's birthday! 

We took a trip to Belize with some of our BFFs!! 
Such a blast! 

I celebrated 33 in Belize! So fun! 

And both sets of our parents proved "It takes a village" while we were away! 

May began and I don't think we ever slowed down... and we still haven't... Whatever it was about this month just set things in motion and I feel like we haven't taken a breath yet! 

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo!

Crawfish boil! 

Muffins with Mom at school!

More teeball!

CK comes down with mono!!!!!!

Jay's (first and) last day of school!

Baby sisters cheering on the tee ball boys!

Jay's first sleepover- and it was in Galveston!!!!

Fun times at the bay house with friends!

Molly turned 1!!!!!

And we kept on celebrating!

Continued the fun at the bay house!

We honored our soldiers for Memorial Day

We accompanied Mom in the hospital with her A-Fib

We had a "last day" photo shoot with CK since she missed hers due to mono!

We celebrated Molly a little more!


 We went to the zoo almost a year to the day after Molly's first ever trip! Crazy how time flies! 

CK modeled my swimsuit from the 80's!

Family trip to San Antonio!

Grownups night out to see Pat, Cory, Jack, Walt, Drew... It was ridiculous!

Squill Family at the Alamo!

A relaxing weekend at the JW Marriott in SA!

Jay started swim team... and it turns out he's REALLY good! 

The whole Squill fam in for a visit! Such a rarity but always so fun! 

More swim meets and more ribbons!

We celebrated my parents' 40th anniversary!!! 

And celebrated Father's Day! 

 Jay won the overall boy swim team award! Such an honor and made this momma cry!
A FOUR year old! 

Family pics for Molly's first birthday!


Charley Kate and her daddy went on their first ever date. 

Celebrated the 4th of July at the downtown aquarium with cousins

Real life people... 

4th of July pool party with friends! 

Charley Kate attended her first ever cheerleading camp! 
She loved it! 

Jay started golf lessons

We celebrated our 8th anniversary! 

Molly discovered the joy of baby dolls! 


Molly learned that puddle jumpers were, in fact, AWESOME. 

Anniversary lunch selfie with our crazy crew! 

Molly's first movie... It went just as you'd expect it to!

My little shepherds at VBS! 

Dallas road trip! 

Cousin play time (apparently blue was the color of the day!)

Marshmallows at the Iveys! 

Steel City Pops!


Dallas Zoo with cousins! 

CK becomes quite the little fish!


 We begin our search for the perfect country property... The love affair begins!

 Squill kids' first Astros game! 

 Molly gets a dislocated elbow! 

 Grandma comes to town!! 

More Saturdays spent in the country... 

Moriarty Fam gets a beach house in Galveston! 

Jay turns 5!!!!!!

 Fun Glow in the Dark party!

Best buds! 

Big and strong!

First SHS game of the season! 

"Mom, I'm going to read to you."

More country searches... This was THE ONE! 

Molly's first day of school!

Molly was NOT amused! 

That's how THIS momma combats her own tears on her baby's first day of school!


Enjoying the last lazy days (haha yeah right! Busier than ever!!!) of summer! 

Go Texans!  

 Supporting all of our Law Enforcement and Officer Goforth

 First Aggie football game! 

Jay's first day of school! 

 Charley Kate's first day of school! 

Soccer begins!

Much to my dismay, Molly keeps growing up!!!

Love my Thursdays with Charley Kate!

Littlest siblings at soccer games! 

"Mom, take some pictures of me."


 Off to Dallas to meet Baby Grayson! 

Family Pics! 

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Cousin Time! 

Jay's first race! He ran a mile and did amazing! 

Then we found out about THIS!!!! 

Cousins at the pumpkin patch!!

We closed on our Brenham house!! 

Loving our ranch life already! 

Molly and me living the motto "When in Rome (Brenham)"

Got to see this precious nugget for the first time!!!

Halloween 2k15!


Lots of ranch time this month! 
 Camping for the first time! 

We got to see this little one again! 

Buddies at their Thanksgiving feast! 

My girls! 

Anthony's birthday! 

More ranch time!
(I'm telling you, we were out there A LOT)

Squill Thanksgiving at the Ranch! 

Squillante grandparents and cousins! 

Celebrating the birthday boy!

Jay's first bass! 


Back at the ranch with Anthony's grandmother! 

 Brenham Christmas Parade! 

 Our crew! 

First Santa visit

Back at the ranch and testing the waters (haha, get it!?)

After school ice cream with buddies! 

Cheering Daddy on at his football game! 
Roll South! 

Decorating the tree! 

Charley Kate's first PJ party! 

Santa fail! 

Molly's first performance! 
Waving to mom! 

Charley Kate's first time at the Nutcracker! 

Moriarty family ski trip! 

And that, my friends, IS A WRAP! Goodbye 2015- you were good to us... But hello 2016! 

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