Sunday, January 3, 2016

16(ish) Weeks with #4!

16 weeks already down! This (final!) pregnancy is just flying by! I know exactly how- when you have three other (or two other or even one other!) kids you have no time to stop and think about the rosy world of pregnancy. Life goes on whether or not you want it to!

I desperately want to cherish every last thing about this pregnancy since it will be my last. Though I'm glad the sickness is gone- that was nothing to cherish!

I am feeling mostly good- I say mostly because there are some things that come along with a fourth pregnancy that are just no fun. Plus, I'm still tired, but I think that's due to the fact that with three kids five and under we just never catch up on sleep- ever. My mom says one day I'll get to sleep- I'm just holding onto that thought to get me through!

I'm pretty sure I've felt this little darling move once or twice, but it hasn't been consistent, so I wouldn't say "I'm feeling the baby move."

I had my 16 week appointment last monday and it went well- those appointments are just so hard for me because other than peeing in a cup and drawing blood (and listening to that sweet little heartbeat of 152), there just isn't much to it other than waiting. Especially when you are relatively healthy like me- it's just a check in and I can think of a jillion other things I need to be doing with my time instead of sitting in a doctor's office. But I'm thankful that WE ARE healthy- because I'd surely be singing a different tune if we were having health issues.

Anyway, here is my 16(ish) week belly pic. I'm not gonna lie, I'm 17 weeks now, but this is as close as I could get. And I left my straightener at our ranch last week, so my hair will be in a (wildly frizzy) pony tail until I can get back up there and grab it!

16 weeks with Jay, CK, and Molly

Can't believe this is the YEAR we will meet this little one! And can't believe we will be a complete family of 6! The last piece of our family puzzle!

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