Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Last 20 Weeks Prego Post!

I'm trying to remember that even though this pregnancy is flying by, it is my LAST and I want to remember everything about it!

So yes, it is FLYING by! I'm already halfway through! Halfway!

I'm feeling pretty great- just what you'd expect at 20 weeks pregnant with your fourth. Not a ton of energy, but compared to that first trimester I feel like I'm able to run a marathon. I definitely get pretty exhausted every day- and if I can't rest during the day, then I'm out super early at night.

I had our 20 week appointment this week, and it was extra fun because my mom came with me! Since we got a great ultrasound, I thought it would be fun for her to come along- and it didn't disappoint! The tech confirmed it was a still a girl (!), and we got to see just about every square inch of her teeny body. She's measuring right on (a little ahead, but nothing major), and is HEALTHY. We saw her little hand covering her face, she was moving and wiggling and stretching. Her heart is strong and her brain was just growing away. It was such a sweet appointment

I've gained about 5 lbs total for the pregnancy (I always lose and stall in the first trimester). As long as I take some breaks to sit and rest throughout the day my body does ok. But if I'm on my feet for too long then my back is in a lot of pain and the pressure is crazy. Veins are continuing to pop up in random places and my fingers just barely started swelling this weekend (not a ton- just a teeny amount).

I've felt a few flutters and pops and stretches- but not super consistent. I would say this past week it's been almost every day- but she's definitely taking it easy on me. Between her movements and her ultrasound, she seems to be the most laid-back by far! Hopefully that will hold true for when she's here! The kids are super anxious to feel her, but she's not close to that stage yet!

Overall, things are going well. I'm so thankful for the health of both of us- it's something I never take for granted!

20(ish) weeks with #4!

20(ish) weeks with Jay, CK, Molly

And the other day when I was actually 20 weeks, I had the kids try to take pics of me- it was a blurry fail, but Jay desperately wanted to "pose" me. So he made me stand with his basketball since "your belly is almost the same size as my basketball!" Ha! So I had to post them!

He would NOT let me stand sideways with it- so this is what we got! Silly sweet boy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Down to Two Wheels!

So this happened on Sunday!!

Jay learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!!!

It's so funny, because when I think about it, 5.5 years old is still super young to learn. But I feel like almost all of his good buddies have been able to do it for a while now. While we haven't put any pressure on him to learn, I've definitely been thinking about it (and so has he!).

Several months ago we decided to give it a try. We took off his training wheels (and subsequently took off Charley Kate's because if there is anything I know about second kids, it's that they want to be doing what their older siblings are doing) and spent an afternoon working with them. It just wasn't going anywhere! So my sister and brother in law let us use their old bike with no pedals (a balance bike). I guess technically it was a regular bike just with pedals that were easy to take on and off. We took the pedals off and just encouraged Jay to coast around on it. Just walk and run and glide. No big thing- just whenever he thought about it or wanted to we would get it out and let him. It started happening more and more and he was getting very comfortable on that bike.

Sunday afternoon Anthony and Jay were shooting baskets and the girls and I were playing on the front lawn- riding scooters and doing gymnastics. Charley Kate grabbed her bike out of the garage and was coasting around on hers (her bike has no training wheels but still has the pedals). She honestly was coasting and pedaling 2-3 times by herself- at which I was SHOCKED! Well, Jay saw her and decided to coast down the driveway and street on his bike. His balance was so spot on I knew it was time!

I said, "Jay! You are so ready! Let's put your pedals on!" So we did! And after about two tries all by himself, HE WAS OFF! No Anthony or me chasing him and helping him balance- it was all on his own! I had no clue it would happen so quickly for him! I seriously started crying! What a proud proud moment! He had worked so hard for so long- and he wanted it so badly! It was such a sweet reward for him- one of those lessons that is so much bigger than just riding a bike. He learned that if he kept working and practicing it would happen! Makes a momma's heart swell with JOY!

The next day he got home from school and begged to go ride. Ummm ABSOLUTELY! So we went out front and he was working hard. He saw his (a couple years older) buddy a few doors down and wanted to show him what he had learned. Well, this was the best thing that could have happened. An older, cooler boy who can ride really fast?! Jay was so determined to keep up that he went from riding about 20 yards at a time to riding up and down the street really fast nonstop! I mean, YOU GO BOY!!!! I am so so proud of that child!

Now... not to be outdone, just one day later, this NOT EVEN FOUR YEAR OLD child is doing this...

Yup! Charley Kate has ALSO learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!!!

Her story looks a little different. Bike riding (even as a toddler) has always come very naturally to her. She has always wanted to try. So watching her brother's success just lit that fire even more.

I learned something about Charley Kate through this... She is honestly the most determined child I have ever personally known. While Jay spent Monday zooming up and down the street, Charley Kate spent Monday coasting down our neighbor's driveway. She would walk the bike to the top, get herself going, and start pedaling. The majority of the time she would get 4-6 pedals in a row and then fall. She would get herself up, walk her bike back up to the top of the driveway, and repeat the process. A lot of the times when she fell, she would grunt or get mad or fuss to herself. But she'd pick herself back up and keep going. She wouldn't accept help. She would just. keep. going. She did this probably 50-60 times- NO LIE. I have never seen anything like this. She has the scratches and bruises to prove it, too.

By the end of Monday she got here, and was SOOO proud of herself! And I was so incredibly amazed at not only her skills, but her absolute determination and fire. Those skills are going to serve her so well in her life. Her little spunk, her little spirit, her little fire... "Though she be but little she is fierce" perfectly describes this child!

Tuesday it was RAINY and cold. Both kids were begging to head outside and ride- but there was just no way. So when it was sunny and gorgeous this afternoon, I knew exactly what we'd be doing!

We headed out and Jay went to get Braden and took off. Charley Kate took off to her driveway and started back up. More confident this time, she was getting further and further. And then it clicked. And she was off. Up and down the street! As much as Braden helped Jay to really get going, having an audience really helped to spur CK on. She loved all the neighbors out chit chatting and cheering her on. And she fell and scraped herself a few times BUT SHE KEPT GOING. This girl!!!!

Needless to say it was a very exciting, very emotional week for the Squills! We are so proud of our precious bigs!

And Molly was out being the cheerleader! She will be there before we know it...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's A(nother!) Girl!

Gosh, I'm embarrassed at the fact that I never blogged about finding out the sex of our newest baby!

So, in case you missed the title or any of my social media posts...


Mercy! More estrogen! Ha!

We actually had such a fun time finding out! We had the blood test done back in November (!!!). I got the results back in the middle of December, but didn't open the envelope. In fact, I didn't even tell Anthony I had the envelope because I knew he'd try to convince me to open it! And I wasn't ready- I had a plan! I thought since this is our last baby, it would be so neat to do something fun to find out. So we (not really "we"... Anthony was desperately trying to just find out asap!) decided to wrap up the results and open it on Christmas morning!

I took the results just two days after receiving them and some boy and girl things (baby blankets, candy, decorations, etc) to my BFF, Courtney. I asked her to open the envelope and find out what we were having and wrap up the correct gender stuff in a Christmas present. She kept the "other" gender stuff until we got back. She dropped the gift off a few days later! It sat out on our bookshelves for a while and Anthony (and everyone else) had no idea that it was "THE GIFT." I packed it in our suitcase for our Christmas trip (another thing I haven't blogged about yet... sigh...).

Christmas morning came and we did all the Santa gifts with the kids. Then my sisters and mom were about to BURST waiting! So we went and got the gift and had our kids gather around.

And then the moment we were waiting for.... A GIRL!!!!

Soooo... I had a little bit of (happy! scared?) tears, Anthony was THRILLED, and sweet sweet Jay... he was SO upset! He looked shocked and then got up and immediately ran out of the room. He laid under the bed crying, then on the bed crying... sweet sweet precious boy. I didn't even THINK of the fact that he might be unhappy with the results and it might RUIN his little Christmas! Ugh... Mom of the Year, people!

Everyone congratulated us, then we went in to check on sweet Jay. He was so sad. And I TOTALLY get it. I tried to explain how wonderful it would be, and how much he and his daddy would love getting to spend time together... But no one could comfort him quite like his daddy in this particular situation. The beginning of the BOY times. I'm so thankful that Jay has a wonderful daddy to comfort him and love him and know who he is. I'm also thankful that my girls get to know a daddy who loves them and builds them up and takes top spot in their lives until he's ready to pass that torch on.

Anyway, in case you want, here is the entire (minute long!) video of us finding out!

We had so much fun and we are still in complete shock! I am so thankful my girls get to have another sister! I am so thankful for another (healthy!) daughter! Anthony is so glad he gets another little princess to worship him. And he's so glad I will get more use out of all those girl clothes!!!!!

My fears? Oh I so badly wanted Jay to get his "buddy." A partner in crime for the rest of his life. I know how wonderful it is to have sisters, I can only imagine it's equally as wonderful for brothers to have each other. I also worry about the future- the days when Jay is married and we have another "sister" in our family. I hope she always feel included and like she is "one of us." I will gladly welcome another daughter and I hope she realizes that. And weddings? Yikes! And the drama? Here we go! Surprisingly, I don't remember lots of drama between my sisters and me growing up- like I can't think of any times other than the typical "She wore my shirt and didn't ask!" type of things.

It is all going to be wonderful. And I know with 100% certainty this is exactly what God knows is best for us. I cannot WAIT to see His plan unfold for our family!

Here we go- MORE PINK!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Look Back Part 6... Version 4!!

Written 11/30/15

Ok, here we are- 12 weeks along today! We had our 12 week appointment and it went wonderfully.

As soon as we got back in the room (after waiting 45 minutes!) we started the ultrasound. As soon as that precious pumpkin popped up on the screen, tears just started rolling. There is nothing as wonderful as seeing your baby healthy and active. It was moving all over and stretching and that little heart was just pumping away! I looked at Anthony's face and he was just as excited. First kid or fourth, it's still incredible!

Sweet little profile!! 

Little frog legs! 

As soon as the appointment was over we did some bloodwork (health and finding out the sex!). I headed home to a normal day with the kids (they still don't know!).

Right after naps I mailed our Christmas cards out to our friends and family- this is the way we are telling people first! We have hardly told anyone- so if you found out via Christmas card this was all part of the plan and the way we wanted to do it! It's our last baby so we had to go out with a bang! We will tell the social media world in a few days... and we will tell our kids tomorrow! Can't wait!

Front of our card!

Back of the card!!

Always a fun day seeing our babies on "TV"... and today was no different! Eeeek! Here we go!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Look Back Part 5... Version 4!

Written on 11/16/15

Nauseous. Exhausted.

All day. Everyday. Nonstop.

Agh... I haven't felt so sick or so tired with any pregnancy yet. And this one is kicking my butt. And you know what? I still have to pull myself up by the bootstraps and be a mom every single day. There are no days off, there are no 2 hour naps, there is no crawling into bed every time I feel sick. You know what there is? Three little people depending on me all day every day. And I'm kind of thankful for that, because I have a feeling I'd be holed up in bed for this entire first trimester. So this forces me to get up and moving. Even when I don't want to at all!

I really am pretty much nauseous and sick all day every day. There is little relief. Ever.

As far as the tiredness goes- I am OK in the morning (and by ok I mean functioning). Caffeine is not agreeing with me at all, so I am having very little of it. Then by about 1:00 I want to drop in bed. My eyes have a hard time staying open, my body can't move. I am literally so exhausted. It's the craziest thing. The sad thing is, most days I don't get the kids from school until about 2:30, so I have to keep Molly entertained and myself awake until then.

But, about 2:30, once we get the kids home and a snack and set up, I put Molly down and then I crash on the couch. Just about every day. Some days it's 10 minutes and some days it's 45 minutes. I feel absolutely horribly guilty that I am neglecting my big kids, but I seriously can't function if I don't rest my body. Luckily, this is their "chill out" time after school anyway, and they are generally happy to relax and play games/play toys/watch tv/play iPad for a bit. I really do feel so bad about this time. It's probably number one on my mom guilt radar right now. I don't have a better solution though, so for now it is what is and I just keep telling myself I will make it up to them when I get more energy next trimester. I do nap on the couch in the middle of the house so I am "present" if they need me. I can also hear if someone knocks on the door or anything else. Yes, I'm justifying. I feel really guilty.

And so far I've had some crazy cravings.... Coffee frapuccino from Sbux (only caffeine I can tolerate) and Caesar salad (and I'm pretty sure that's on the no-no list but only if it's made with real anchovies which most aren't). So weird. Sweets haven't been super high on the list, and going with every other pregnancy I am LOOOOVING watermelon! I cooked a pork tenderloin the other night and almost vomited. Bleh.

I also think I become semi-lactose intolerant during my pregnancies. I have noticed a pattern in each one and though I crave TONS of cheese and dairy, if I eat too much I get awful stomach cramps and pains.

Anyway, I think that's about it for now. My tummy is definitely poking out- and I'm only 10 weeks along. Now, if I'm being honest, I never lost my tummy after Molly (or Jay, or Charley Kate), but it's definitely "out there" already. I'm sure most people are noticing and just being nice by not saying anything!

So until the next update, I'll just go be nauseous and tired. Ho hum..   :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

16(ish) Weeks with #4!

16 weeks already down! This (final!) pregnancy is just flying by! I know exactly how- when you have three other (or two other or even one other!) kids you have no time to stop and think about the rosy world of pregnancy. Life goes on whether or not you want it to!

I desperately want to cherish every last thing about this pregnancy since it will be my last. Though I'm glad the sickness is gone- that was nothing to cherish!

I am feeling mostly good- I say mostly because there are some things that come along with a fourth pregnancy that are just no fun. Plus, I'm still tired, but I think that's due to the fact that with three kids five and under we just never catch up on sleep- ever. My mom says one day I'll get to sleep- I'm just holding onto that thought to get me through!

I'm pretty sure I've felt this little darling move once or twice, but it hasn't been consistent, so I wouldn't say "I'm feeling the baby move."

I had my 16 week appointment last monday and it went well- those appointments are just so hard for me because other than peeing in a cup and drawing blood (and listening to that sweet little heartbeat of 152), there just isn't much to it other than waiting. Especially when you are relatively healthy like me- it's just a check in and I can think of a jillion other things I need to be doing with my time instead of sitting in a doctor's office. But I'm thankful that WE ARE healthy- because I'd surely be singing a different tune if we were having health issues.

Anyway, here is my 16(ish) week belly pic. I'm not gonna lie, I'm 17 weeks now, but this is as close as I could get. And I left my straightener at our ranch last week, so my hair will be in a (wildly frizzy) pony tail until I can get back up there and grab it!

16 weeks with Jay, CK, and Molly

Can't believe this is the YEAR we will meet this little one! And can't believe we will be a complete family of 6! The last piece of our family puzzle!

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015: Year in Review

I seriously cannot believe 2015 is over. I feel like I'm stuck back in March... but it's really over!

2015 was a wonderful year and a tough year. A blessed year and a sad year. Here is our year in review...


We rang in the new year with friends!

We cheered on our Packers!

Molly began Gymboree!

Charley Kate began ballet!

Jay continued to become ALL BOY

Treasure put a rock up her nose!!

February was by far our toughest month....

One of our dear friends from college was diagnosed with Leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant

Molly got to meet great grandmother Grammy for the first time! 

Charley Kate turned 3!!!!!

(and began her love affair with pedicures!)

Jay got the flu...

We tried to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early...

My grandmother MeeMaw passed away

But in typical form we all come together in times of crisis
(Wearing MeeMaw's nightgowns in her signature color)

Jay got the stomach bug (the BAD one)...

...and so did Charley Kate...

...and eventually Molly did too!

We managed to get well enough to see the Trail Riders for a few hours


The girls took a quick trip to Dallas to see the Iveys and the now-Texan Lonergans!

 Jay and Mommy had a date to his first rodeo!

 We fed wild animals (NBD)

Rodeo date nights with good friends!

Jay started TeeBall 
(be still my heart- probably my favorite pic of these two!!!)


Charley Kate (and her two very BFFs!) had their first ballet recital! 

Anthony successfully chaired the first ever Live Beyond (Haiti mission) Houston Fundraiser!

We celebrated Easter!

We went to Galveston with Grandeb!

I had my first weekend away in a year! It was glorious and made even better that it was with my BFFs from college celebrating our sorority, Chi Omega's, 40th anniversary at Texas A&M!

I hadn't had that much fun in a LONG time. 

We went strawberry picking!

We celebrated Mom's birthday! 

We took a trip to Belize with some of our BFFs!! 
Such a blast! 

I celebrated 33 in Belize! So fun! 

And both sets of our parents proved "It takes a village" while we were away! 

May began and I don't think we ever slowed down... and we still haven't... Whatever it was about this month just set things in motion and I feel like we haven't taken a breath yet! 

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo!

Crawfish boil! 

Muffins with Mom at school!

More teeball!

CK comes down with mono!!!!!!

Jay's (first and) last day of school!

Baby sisters cheering on the tee ball boys!

Jay's first sleepover- and it was in Galveston!!!!

Fun times at the bay house with friends!

Molly turned 1!!!!!

And we kept on celebrating!

Continued the fun at the bay house!

We honored our soldiers for Memorial Day

We accompanied Mom in the hospital with her A-Fib

We had a "last day" photo shoot with CK since she missed hers due to mono!

We celebrated Molly a little more!


 We went to the zoo almost a year to the day after Molly's first ever trip! Crazy how time flies! 

CK modeled my swimsuit from the 80's!

Family trip to San Antonio!

Grownups night out to see Pat, Cory, Jack, Walt, Drew... It was ridiculous!

Squill Family at the Alamo!

A relaxing weekend at the JW Marriott in SA!

Jay started swim team... and it turns out he's REALLY good! 

The whole Squill fam in for a visit! Such a rarity but always so fun! 

More swim meets and more ribbons!

We celebrated my parents' 40th anniversary!!! 

And celebrated Father's Day! 

 Jay won the overall boy swim team award! Such an honor and made this momma cry!
A FOUR year old! 

Family pics for Molly's first birthday!


Charley Kate and her daddy went on their first ever date. 

Celebrated the 4th of July at the downtown aquarium with cousins

Real life people... 

4th of July pool party with friends! 

Charley Kate attended her first ever cheerleading camp! 
She loved it! 

Jay started golf lessons

We celebrated our 8th anniversary! 

Molly discovered the joy of baby dolls! 


Molly learned that puddle jumpers were, in fact, AWESOME. 

Anniversary lunch selfie with our crazy crew! 

Molly's first movie... It went just as you'd expect it to!

My little shepherds at VBS! 

Dallas road trip! 

Cousin play time (apparently blue was the color of the day!)

Marshmallows at the Iveys! 

Steel City Pops!


Dallas Zoo with cousins! 

CK becomes quite the little fish!


 We begin our search for the perfect country property... The love affair begins!

 Squill kids' first Astros game! 

 Molly gets a dislocated elbow! 

 Grandma comes to town!! 

More Saturdays spent in the country... 

Moriarty Fam gets a beach house in Galveston! 

Jay turns 5!!!!!!

 Fun Glow in the Dark party!

Best buds! 

Big and strong!

First SHS game of the season! 

"Mom, I'm going to read to you."

More country searches... This was THE ONE! 

Molly's first day of school!

Molly was NOT amused! 

That's how THIS momma combats her own tears on her baby's first day of school!


Enjoying the last lazy days (haha yeah right! Busier than ever!!!) of summer! 

Go Texans!  

 Supporting all of our Law Enforcement and Officer Goforth

 First Aggie football game! 

Jay's first day of school! 

 Charley Kate's first day of school! 

Soccer begins!

Much to my dismay, Molly keeps growing up!!!

Love my Thursdays with Charley Kate!

Littlest siblings at soccer games! 

"Mom, take some pictures of me."


 Off to Dallas to meet Baby Grayson! 

Family Pics! 

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Cousin Time! 

Jay's first race! He ran a mile and did amazing! 

Then we found out about THIS!!!! 

Cousins at the pumpkin patch!!

We closed on our Brenham house!! 

Loving our ranch life already! 

Molly and me living the motto "When in Rome (Brenham)"

Got to see this precious nugget for the first time!!!

Halloween 2k15!


Lots of ranch time this month! 
 Camping for the first time! 

We got to see this little one again! 

Buddies at their Thanksgiving feast! 

My girls! 

Anthony's birthday! 

More ranch time!
(I'm telling you, we were out there A LOT)

Squill Thanksgiving at the Ranch! 

Squillante grandparents and cousins! 

Celebrating the birthday boy!

Jay's first bass! 


Back at the ranch with Anthony's grandmother! 

 Brenham Christmas Parade! 

 Our crew! 

First Santa visit

Back at the ranch and testing the waters (haha, get it!?)

After school ice cream with buddies! 

Cheering Daddy on at his football game! 
Roll South! 

Decorating the tree! 

Charley Kate's first PJ party! 

Santa fail! 

Molly's first performance! 
Waving to mom! 

Charley Kate's first time at the Nutcracker! 

Moriarty family ski trip! 

And that, my friends, IS A WRAP! Goodbye 2015- you were good to us... But hello 2016!