Monday, December 28, 2015

A Look Back Part 4... Version 4!

Written 11/9/15

I had another healthy appointment this morning. I am 9 weeks along. Last time my doctor wasn't there for my appointment, so it was a breath of fresh air to see her- we are like a well oiled machine... which you'd expect by my fourth baby! She knocked and walked in and said, "I've missed you! Congrats!" She's so wonderful.

We talked about my sickness and how the medicine is helping some. We also talked about how this due date falls right in the middle of swim team season (silly, but this is Jay's deal and it makes me sad/anxious thinking I will miss it and then imagining getting four kids to swim practice every single day-ACK!!!!). Her kids swim against mine and so I always see her around at meets. So fun.

Then we pulled up the monitor and sweet little Baby S4 was just precious on that screen. You could see its tiny little arms and legs- definitely in the gummy bear stage. That heart was just beating away. Again, I'm so shocked at ever questioning life at this point (or any point if you want my full opinion) in a pregnancy. That baby moved and stretched and heart was just beating away. It was a tiny, beautiful little life. I had a tear roll down my cheek and Dr. M said, "It never gets old, does it?" And it just really doesn't. Our last appointment was so different- checking first to see if I was really pregnant and a different doctor doing the appointment... but this was just so right. I love my doctor so much.

It took a village to get me to this appointment- mom came over early so I could go and then took the big kids to school. Kiki came and got Molly and then took her to school- poor kids have no idea yet, so they weren't sure why I had to go to the doctor, but they will find out soon! And I can't wait to tell them!

So thankful for a great appointment! Now if I could ever just feel caught up on sleep! Ha!

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Brittany said...

I love reading these! Such an exciting time!